biography Ekaterina Volkova
The biography of actress Ekaterina Volkova isthe story of the life of a simple girl from Estonia, who in her childhood could not have imagined that she would someday become the star of Russian television. Now the actress is very popular both in the theater and in the cinema. She is invited to TV series and television projects, Catherine is in demand and as an actress. She played in the performances "Dog in the Manger", "Valentine and Valentine", "The Ideal Husband", etc.

Biography. Ekaterina Volkova. Carier start

The future actress was born in 1982 in Tallinn. Later, Catherine moved to Moscow and entered the Theater School. Shchepkina. After graduation, the actress was admitted to the State Theater of the Actor. Despite the excellent diploma and great ambitions of the talented graduate, it was not possible to find work in the field of cinema and television. Participation in casting she combined with studies at the Academy of Budget and Treasury.

Ekaterina Volkova, whose biography is so successfulcrossed with the cinema, began to play in the movies even before the "Voronin": in the beginning of her career she appeared in the TV series "Kulagin and partners", "Who is the master of the house?", "I stay", "New Year's ambush" and others. But the real fame came to the young actress in 2009, when on the channel STS was launched a new television series about an ordinary family from Moscow. In "Voronin" Catherine played the role of a housewife of the Faith, who has three children and not the best and understanding of the fathers.

Ekaterina Volkova biography
The series is based on comical events and conflicts that arise in the Voronin family and do not have a deep meaning.

In 2010, the star of the STS television channel starred for the men's Maxim magazine, later was nominated for the top 100 most beautiful girls by the magazine's version.

Biography. Ekaterina Volkova. Personal life

In general, 2009 was a fateful year for the girl. In addition to the fact that the series with her participation has successfully started and scored high ratings, it all happened in the personal life of the actress. In the spring, she began an affair with Andrei Karpov, a dancer and participant of the show "Dancing with the Stars." The best friend of Katya Daria Sagalova acquainted her spouse when she participated in the dance show on the Rossiya TV channel. A year later the lovers got married. A little later, in the spring of 2011, they had a daughter, Lisa.

biography of actress Ekaterina Volkova
What else does her biography contain? Ekaterina Volkova talks about herself as the complete opposite of the woman we see in the Voronins. She is not that calm and ambitious housewife. Catherine is sure that a woman in a family should be not only economic, but also well-groomed, passionate and successful. As the actress says: "Family life should not turn into a routine, relationships need emotions."

Biography. Ekaterina Volkova is currently

Now Katya and her husband are raising a girl, they are happymarried. In her interviews, Catherine talks about how they travel together and have a rest with their family. In addition, the actress continues to participate in the shooting sitcom on the channel STS and works in the theater actor. Periodically, Catherine appears in television programs, recently participated in the projects "Fort Boyard" and "Guess the Melody."

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