Today, let's talk about such an actor as Otar Meghvinetuhutsi. In our material, we will review the biography, the films of the artist, and also tell you what is known about his personal life.

early years

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Otar Meghvinetuhutsi was born on January 161932 in the capital of Georgia - the city of Tbilisi. Here our hero graduated from high school, and then the Theater Institute named after Rustaveli. At the end of the prestigious educational institution, the guy was invited to the acting company of the Marjanishvili Theater. A year passed, and the young actor was entrusted with playing the first major role on the big stage. The debut work of the artist in the theater was the participation in the production of the "Exile" based on the work of the Georgian writer V. Pshavela.

In 1967, Otar Meghvinetuhutsi decided to change his placeregistration. A talented actor began to work in a dramatic theater, which was located in the city of Rustavi. Performances on this creative platform the artist devoted eight years of his life. Then the actor returned to Tbilisi and continued to play at the Marjanishvili Theater.

Theatrical works of the artist

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During his long career OtarMegvinoutuhutsi, whose biography is considered in this article, has tried on himself the images of dozens of theatrical characters. Among the most successful works of the artist in this field are the following roles:

  • Benedict ("A lot of noise from nothing");
  • Lear ("King Lear");
  • Satin ("At the bottom");
  • Pirosmani ("Hello everyone");
  • Don Quixote ("The Man from La Mancha");
  • Cyrano ("Cyrano de Bergerac").

Later, for fruitful creativity and a long work on the stage, Otar Meghvinetuhutsi was awarded the post of artistic director of the Marjanishvili Theater.

Debut in the movie

To enlighten on the wide screens of Otar Vakhtangovichwas destined in 1958. At this time, a successful theater artist was invited to perform the role of Dzhambulat in the historical film "Fatima" by the famous Soviet director Semen Dolidze. The actor successfully coped with the task, masterovito revealing the character of his character. Then, one after the other, proposals for shooting were showered on him. In the period from 1958 to 1963, the young actor lit up in a whole series of motion pictures, in particular, performed the main roles in such films as "Who saddles a horse?", "Kind people" and "Under one sky".

Career development

Otar megvinetuhutsi filmography

After a successful career start in the cinemaMegvinetuhutsi Otar Vakhtangovich for a while stopped attracting attention to a wide audience. For a decade, he was given mainly secondary and episodic roles in rather mediocre Soviet films. Therefore, the artist returned to the theater and focused on stage activities.

An unexpected surge in the popularity of the actor camefor 1977, when Otar Vakhtangovich was offered to play a major role in the multi-series television project "Berega". Here the talented theater actor appeared in the image of Datu Tutashkhia - a noble robber. According to the plot of the film, this fair, courageous character follows his own code of honor, tries to do good deeds for the benefit of others. However, soon Datu is convinced that all his works are not worth a penny. Disillusioned in people, the hero starts to fight evil, breaking all written and unwritten laws. The soul struggle with its internal contradictions eventually leads Dat to personal tragedy.

In 1981, for the talented performance of the leading role in thethe film "Banks" Otar Meghvinetuhutsi was nominated for the State Prize of the Georgian SSR. However, even such an honorable title did not bring our hero all-Union recognition as a film actor.

In 1991 Otar Vakhtangovich was invited to theanother big project - the film "Leave!" of a young and promising Soviet director Dmitry Astrakhan. In his work, the author of the film decided to address the theme of the oppression of the Jewish population, fashionable at the time. The main role of Moti Rabinovich was offered to the characteristic actor Otaru Meghvinetuhutsi. The actor agreed to play in the film, but at first he was rather surprised by the choice of his own candidacy, because he did not consider his stage character appropriate for this role.

Despite the lack of director DmitryAstrakhan experience in large projects, the film "Izid!" Expected a great success. Attention did not deprive Otar Vakhtangovich. Immediately after the successful launch of the film at the box office, the actor was awarded the honorary award of the International Film Festival in Tokyo for the best performance of the male role. Then for the artist the prize of the International Film Festival "Constellation" was followed.

Otar Meghvinetuhutsi: filmography

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Over the shoulders of the famous Soviet and Georgian artist shooting in the following films:

  • Fatima;
  • "Who will ride a horse?";
  • "White stones";
  • "Prayer";
  • "Under one heaven";
  • "Good people";
  • "The Rape of the Moon";
  • "Tariel Golua";
  • "Tree of desire";
  • "Tsotne Didiani";
  • "Banks";
  • "The Hand of the Great Master";
  • "Arena of the Furious";
  • "The necklace of my beloved";
  • "Hello everyone";
  • "Seekers of a sunken city";
  • "The Oath Record";
  • "Warm autumn sun";
  • "Turandot";
  • "Katka and Shiz";
  • "The cycle";
  • "Go away!";
  • "Hareba and Gogi";
  • "The candle from the sepulcher of the Lord";
  • "Spiral";
  • "Dear M";
  • "In search of lost treasure";
  • "Shadows of the past";
  • "White flags";
  • "Griboedov Waltz";
  • "Budulai, who is not expected";
  • "Stuck";
  • «Woman in the sea».

Otar Meghvinetuhutsi: family

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The actor is married to a successful Georgian actress,People's Artist of Georgia - Guranda Gabunia. With this talented, witty and very temperamental woman, our hero lived a long 54 years. The famous acting couple has a daughter and several grandchildren.

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