Brazilian series have firmly entered our life in thelate nineties. It was time for active viewing of fascinating and exciting telenovelas. Since then, a lot of time has passed, the situation in the country has changed, but the favorite heroes have remained in memory. Sometimes you want to revise old movies that occupied our minds fifteen to twenty years ago. What actors remember us? "Air locks" - this is a series that was very popular at the beginning of the two thousand years. Many people still remember it with pleasure and with some nostalgia. Probably, there is no such person who would not hear anything about the Brazilian TV series "Air Locks". Actors and roles are presented in this article.

Deborah Blok

Beauty Julia Montana could not leave anyoneindifferent. She is Otavio Montana's eldest daughter, a successful journalist. The girl put a lot of time and effort into achieving significant successes in her life, conquering her own peaks, becoming a person. She has a solid character, she is able to organize her activities properly, so that afterwards she did not have to regret anything.

actors castles

Julia seems to be self-sufficient andstrict girl, but in the shower - soft and slightly naive. It is remembered, probably, more than all the other actors. "Air locks" - a series that you can watch endlessly and always find something interesting and interesting in it.

Marcus Palmeira

One of the main characters of the film. It is remembered to the viewer in the same way as other actors. "Air locks" would not have been so interesting without the character of Marcus Palmeira. Shiku Mota is the soul of the series. He has an inexhaustible sense of humor, often falls into funny situations.

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Shiku is passionately in love with Julia, but can notconfess it to yourself. It seems to him that if he accidentally discovers his feelings, he will become weak and vulnerable. Some moments in the series with his participation look very dramatic and ambiguous.

Marc Nanini

Otavio Montana is the father of the family. For eighteen years he lay in a coma, between life and death. Waking up after a long sleep, I discovered that I had lost my memory and now I can not recognize my closest relatives and myself. Meanwhile, his daughters grew up, but he does not remember them. Otavio does not know that his wife, Eve, died in a terrible accident. Gradually, the memory returns to him, and he begins to understand that the one who pretended to be the closest friend and brother is in fact a clever killer. The character of Mark Nanini is made interesting and touching. His childish spontaneity, he bribes more than other actors. "Air locks" - a favorite series of millions of people around the globe.

Suzanne Vieira

This actress knows all the fans of Braziliantelenovelas. Suzanne Vieira is a popular and famous actress who won the love of the public with her own talent. One of the most notable films with her participation - "Air locks" (series). The actors in it are simply unmatched, talented.

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Suzanne Vieira performs her role fantastically: Gonzal turned out to be sincere and open. She is a good mother, a kind girlfriend, an attentive companion, a faithful companion of life.

Vivian Pazzman

Elizabeth Montana is the real treasure of the series. Many viewers initially started watching the film only because it was filmed their favorite actress. Vivian Pazhmanter is remembered by many on the TV series "In the name of love." In this case, her heroine is the average daughter of Otavio Montana, who wants to marry successfully, and is therefore concerned about finding a brilliant party. What will come out of her idea is recognized by someone who will watch the show with interest.

Thus, "Air locks" - one of the few films that you want to revise a lot of times. Characters are bright, memorable, each of them has its own individuality.

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