Jokers know almost everyone who likes to watchfilms made on comics. This villain, known for his restless character, constantly terrorizes Gotham, fighting with Batman himself. In addition, the comic book character became one of the heroes of the film called "The Squad of Suicides". And it should be noted that in various films, the popular villain looks different. And after reading this review, you can figure out how to draw a Joker from the "Suicide Squad".

The image of a movie photographer

Character with an unstable disposition appeared beforetheir fans not only in a new guise, but also with numerous tattoos throughout the body. It should be noted that the insanity in the character of the villain has become much greater. So Joker TV viewers have not seen, so the interest in him is quite high.

how to draw a Joker from a squad of suicides

Pictures with his image spread toall the Internet, which led to the growth of those wishing to portray it. A step-by-step plan for how to draw a Joker from the "Suicide squad" should be cited. It is not easy to do this, therefore, you should prepare for hard work.

What will be required

How to draw a Joker from the "Suicide Squad"with a pencil? To do this, you need to stock up some tools and materials. Naturally, you will need the pencil itself, which you will draw. You also need to buy a white, solid sheet of paper, but you can also use the usual tetrad. From the perspective of important tools, you should also consider an eraser and colored pencils / markers.

Step by step

  1. It is necessary to begin with a sketch. Draw on the head of the head of cinema. At the same time, we should not forget that the new Joker, performed by Jared Leto, has a rather high forehead. After that, outline the trunk scheme, as shown in the photo.

    how to draw a Joker from a suicide squad in stages

  2. Using the original sketch, it follows thatgive the head a real shape. Attention is given to the recommended chin, which should eventually turn out to be long and narrow. Also at this stage it is necessary to draw the ears.
  3. At this step, you should proceed to the nose, to represent the mimic wrinkles around it to create a more vivid image. Thanks to this, the cheeks of the movie photographer will also be visible.
  4. How to draw a Joker from the "Suicide Squad"? It should be understood that the character's eyes should be wide open. Otherwise, the image obtained as a result of a long work will not be as insane as it appeared before the audience in the film. At this step, you also need to draw wrinkles or wrinkles on the forehead. Do not forget that under the eye there should be a tattoo of a teardrop.
  5. Drawing the mouth of the character, you need to exercise extreme accuracy. Lips should turn out dark, dense. Also at this step, the image you are drawing should acquire language and teeth.
  6. This step implies that it's time to move on to drawing the hands. It must be done carefully, as it is unlikely to correct the error. On the top of the left hand should be a tattoo.
  7. You should start drawing your hair. They should be short, combed back. With the help of waves it will be possible to give the necessary form to a hairdress.

    how to draw a joker pencil step by step detachment of suicides

  8. How to draw a Joker from the "Suicide Squad"? You should start drawing the trunk. It is recommended to start from the neck, then shoulders. After this step, it is allowed to sketch the upper part of the trunk, add lines along which the stomach will subsequently be drawn.
  9. You can draw tattoos afterThe mistakes and initial sketches will be erased. You should pay special attention to how the tattoo should look. Remember, everything must be done carefully.
  10. Well, in the end, you can draw such an additional element as the Joker logo from the movie "The Squad of Suicides". To make it easier, since it consists only of the head.

Corrections should not be feared

Do not think that the drawing shouldto be excellent. If you want to figure out how to draw a Joker in pencil step by step ("Squad of suicides"), then prepare for numerous improvements. As an artist you are a beginner, then there will be many corrections, until an ideal image is obtained.

how to draw a joker from a squad of suicides in pencil

From the above, one more "golden"rule: you need to work, work and work again. Naturally, this news is not for anyone, but many people for some reason think that you can not draw without talent. Such thoughts are erroneous, anyone who knows firsthand what diligence and perseverance is capable of is able to achieve success.


If all the steps described above have been performedcorrectly, with utmost care and caution, then you must get the image of a villain. Now you know how to draw a Joker from the "Squad of suicides" in stages. Having managed to transfer the image of the famous villain to paper, you will be able to cope with other characters of this movie. Then the picture will be more impressive, exciting.

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