Today we will tell you who Eldar Gasimov is. His songs have recently gained popularity. Our hero is a talented actor, as well as a singer. He became a participant of the Eurovision-2011 contest and won. The birthplace of this person is the city of Baku, which is located in Azerbaijan.

Eldar Gasimov: biography

Eldar Gasymov
Future participant and winner of the contest"Eurovision-2011" was born in 1989, on the 4th of June. Eldar was not the only child in the family: he has a younger brother Murad. A musician is a relative of very popular personalities. His great-grandmother Marzia Davudova is a Tatar by nationality. She is a famous artist of the Soviet Union. His great-grandfather Abbas-Mirza Sharifzadeh is also famous. He is a theater actor, Azerbaijani by nationality. Grandmother of the famous artist was called Firangiz Sharifov. She was also a popular actress in Azerbaidzhan. The grandfather of the singer (husband of Firangiz) Bala Aga Gasimov was also a famous artist. Later he became the director of the Theater of Youth and of the Theater of Music (the Azerbaijan Theater of Musical Comedy).

At school, Eldar Gasimov studied diligently. The boy still in his childhood chose the path of art for himself. He graduated with honors from the music school, where he learned to play the piano. The fine singer twice received a scholarship on the exchange program in Germany. In Europe, he studied vocal, as well as acting. Already in 2010, Eldar received a red diploma BSU (Baku Slavic University).

Musical competition

Eurovision 2011
Eldar Gasimov decided to try his skills,talents and skills in Eurovision. From the very childhood he watched the gifted singers on the TV screen and dreamed of not being one of the audience, but on the stage, to fully immerse himself in the wonderful atmosphere of an international event. It was already on the account of the fifty-third musical competition, and Azerbaijan began to participate in such an event only in 2008.

The young man applied for participation. First he entered the top ten performers, and then in the top five. Eldar together with Nigar Jamal, another finalist, were honored to defend their country at Eurovision-2011. In English, the duo Ell & Nikki sang the song Running Scared. First, Eldar and Nigar took only the second place of honor in the semifinals. But already in the finals Ell & Nikki got as much as two hundred and twenty-one points, which meant that the duo took first place. Azerbaijan has become a winner country. But the struggle was very difficult and tough, because it involved as many as twenty-five countries.


eldar gasymov songs
After the victory at the Eurovision Song Contest, lifeEldar cardinally changed. He became a popular performer and a favorite of many. The musical event gave impetus to the career development not only of the performer, but also of the actor. At the moment, Eldar Gasymov has twenty-one songs in the repertoire (Running Scared, Birlikd, I "m Free, Priceless, Waiting, Heartbreaker, Angels, Music still alive, The One In Your Head, Ice & Fire, Tonight, Duman, Only and others.) His career as a gifted singer continues.The three songs from the list are performed together with the winner of the Eurovision-2011 Nigar Jamal.Eldar once said that he was very proud that the music contest would be held in his hometown of Baku.

Native language

Eldar Gasymov biography
When Eldar Gasimov won the"Eurovision", he held several concerts in various countries. The singer still appears on the screen and with pleasure answers all questions of journalists. In 2012, in January, his first track, performed in the native Azerbaijani language, was presented. The single was called "Finally Together". Our hero also became one of the leading Eurovision contesters on the account of the contest, which took place in May 2012 in the Azerbaijani city of Baku.


In June, Eldar Gasimov released for listenersthe single I'm Free ("I'm Free"), and also a video for this song. Soon our hero will sit in the jury's chair in the recently appeared program "The Great Stage." At this show, Eldar performed two new tracks, which were named "Waiting" and "Heartbreaker". A month later, in July 2012, Eldar released the track "Angels". In October, the talented singer presented another song "The One" (The One) and even a music video for this song. And in November the singer was pleased with another song "In your head" (In your head) and also released a music video for a new single. 2012 turned out to be fruitful for the singer. Throughout the year Eldar Gasimov pleased his fans with new wonderful songs.


Eldar Gasimov Eurovision
It's time to show on the screen of a relativefamous actors, masters of their craft. In November 2013 the singer demonstrated all his talents. Eldar starred in the new part of the movie "Do not be afraid, I'm with you!", In which he won the main role.

In the Azerbaijani club Pasifico lounge Eldarheld a major solo concert on May 9, 2014. Two years there was no news about the singer. Eldar took a two-year vacation and lived away from the press and musical fuss. But already in 2016, on June 20, the gifted singer and actor released a new single.

Now you know who Eldar Gasimov is. "Eurovision" is the very contest that allowed to reveal its talent to the full. The artist notes that the process of creating new songs is constantly ongoing. And he continues to create compositions in English and Azerbaijani. The names of the works, as a rule, were not disclosed before their official release. However, the singer emphasizes that the compositions are very diverse. Among them there are lyrical works, and rhythmic, incendiary singles. The demand that our hero always places in front of him: every work should be qualitative and pleasant by ear.

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