Andrey Sergeev is an actor of theater and cinema. He is also known on Russian television as a director of a number of commercials.

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The future actor and director Andrei Sergeev was born inMoscow, in 1954. Father had the title of Honored Artist. Mother by profession was a journalist. After graduation, Andrei Sergeev entered the School of. Schukin, successfully graduated from it, and then continued his education at the director's faculty of GITIS. Andrei Sergeev studied in the studio of A. A. Vasiliev. Since 1983 he is an actor of the Theater. Moscow City Council.


Andrey Sergeev is involved in only threeperformances. He plays one of the few male roles in the production of The Widow Steamer, Alexei Turbin in the White Guard. The actor is also involved in the play "A Long Journey into the Night."

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Andrey Sergeev is an actor who made his debut in cinema in 1976, in the film adaptation of Stendhal's novel "The Red and the Black." Then there were secondary roles in such films as "Mio, My Mio", "Pretenders", "Repete".

In 1990, the movie "Death in the Cinema" was released. In the film roles were played by the outstanding actors of the national cinema: Ivan Bortnik, Anatoly Romashin, Leonid Kanevsky. Action film is not far from the Yalta film studio. The room, in which the shooting of a new film is planned, is delivered to the arrived "savages" by the watchman. They, in turn, organize a feast, during which a murder occurs.

Hero Bortnik begins to investigatecrime. It turns out that the party was attended by a director and an operator, who initially decided to shoot everything that was happening on the camera. And the murder was not real. The watchman (a former NKVD officer) is so outraged that he shoots the organizer of this production for real. Sergeev also played a secondary role in this film - the role of the criminal, one of the participants in the feast.

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"Life is one" - another picture in the filmographySergeeva. The heroine of this picture once finds out about a terrible disease. Her husband sends her to a sanatorium. And there the woman not only miraculously heals, but also finds happiness.

In 2005, Andrei Sergeev played the role of Eugene Dorn in the film adaptation of Chekhov's The Seagull. The director of this film is Margarita Terekhova.

In 2012, the screens released the series "Russianchocolate". The characters of the film are members of the Koltsov family in Moscow. Hard times come in their life. The father falls under the reduction due to the economic crisis. And he does not think of anything better than going to the poker club and losing the remaining savings and the Moscow apartment. The family moves to a provincial town, where the owner of the bakery is ruled by a man named Matvey Pakhomov, whom Andrey Sergeyev plays.

Other films in which the actor took part:

  1. "Trap".
  2. Industrial zone.
  3. "Churchill."
  4. "Taxi driver".
  5. "Perestroika".
  6. "You will live!".
  7. "The Last Sacrifice."
  8. The doorman.
  9. "Citizen-boss".
  10. "Mother of Jesus."
  11. «».
  12. "A bouquet of mimosa and other flowers."

Actors know little about their personal lives. He was married to the popular actress Evgenia Kryukova. The marriage did not last long. The second time Sergeyev did not marry.

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