Today we decided to make out the question of howrun the "WM keeper" and if you decide to work with this payment system on an ongoing basis, in this case this article will be relevant for you, since for convenient interaction with the wallet, you will need to install a special program. Now we will tell you in detail how to properly install the program and start using it.

Confirmed source

keeper wm
The first thing you need to go tothe official site of the payment system WebMoney. That's where you can download the installation file of the program. If you want the Kiper WM to be completely safe, then we strongly recommend that you get the application on the official website. If you download the installation file from another source, then you have all the chances to fall into the hands of scammers, who without much difficulty with the help of a virus program will be able to seize access to your wallet.


The installation file itself is small,so downloading it will happen quickly. After the download procedure was successful, in order to start using "Kiper WM" you will need to install it first, and to do this, run the received item.

wm keeper input

If everyone did it right, thenbefore you should have a new active window, where you will be asked to click the "Next" button, use it. After that you will need to agree with the rules of participation in the system. Of course, almost all users do not read the provided conditions, since in reality there is a lot written, and nobody wants to spend their time. But if you need to cooperate with this payment system as a legal entity, then we can recommend to get acquainted with all the provided instructions, however, this is your right.

In any case, in this window you should installcheck. And thus you agree with the provided rules, then click on the "Next" button again and automatically proceed to the next stage of the program installation. Do not worry, "Keeper WM" is installed very quickly and you will not spend more than five minutes on the whole thing. Nevertheless, if you are installing the program for the first time, then we recommend that you follow all the instructions according to our instructions, otherwise various questions may arise.

check in

Now you will have to choose your ownThe directory in which the program will be installed and all necessary certificates. You can do this in manual mode or leave the parameters in the previous position. If you do not want to specify a new address, in that case you will need to click the "Next" button again.

how to run wm keeper

We have practically prepared a "WM keeper", the input will beis carried out in several steps, and for successful authorization you will need to enter your data that you previously indicated when registering, however, in the program itself you can also go through the process of creating a new account, it will only be required if you have not received an account yet.


You will open a new window, to which wewe recommend to pay special attention. Read the information provided and try to remember it. After you have studied all the suggestions, you need to click the "Next" button. If everything was done correctly, the program should start the installation, which means that in a few minutes you will be able to start your "Keeper WM" and begin to dispose of the funds. If you just created a purse and installed the program, then you need to get an account in your account, this is done in the program itself. As you can see, nothing complicated. Enjoy with pleasure!

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