Gone are the days when the answer to the letterhad to wait at least a week. Today, to communicate with a person who is on the other end of the planet, you need only one condition - a computer at hand and a regularly working internet. Hundreds of thousands of people chat daily. What is chat?

If you translate this English word into Russianlanguage, you get a "conversation", and in a sense, even "thrashing." After going into the chat, everyone can talk on any topic. Thanks to the Internet chats can communicate not only two interlocutors among themselves, but also several users at once. To do this, they simply need to connect the appropriate software. The main thing is not to confuse chat with forums and e-mails. They, of course, also serve to communicate between people, but not as fast as chats. For chat programs are all the favorite "ICQ" and "sms". So, even an ordinary mobile phone can be considered the progenitor of the chat.

What is chat, it became known back in 1988,However, then it was called a retransmitted Internet conversation, and later, for simplicity and convenience, the word "chat" began to be used. In 1991, when there was a war in Iraq, the first broadcast of news via the IRC chat took place. Messages from all countries appeared in one place in real time. Later, in 1998, Jabber was invented, which became a more advanced chat model.

You can only use the chat when you register fornetwork resource. The benefit of this procedure is needed only at the first visit and does not represent special effort. At the end of the registration, the user gets a login and a password that must be specified at each login, and also chooses his nickname - often a fictitious name, so that other users can access it. However, now there are a lot of resources that are appropriating to themselves the proud name of "free chat", that is chat, for communication on which you do not need to fill out a form and register. This makes the communication process even easier. To enter such chat, it is enough to think up a nickname for yourself and enter symbols from the picture.

Do not worry if you do not know what chat is, because to communicate in this system does not require special knowledge and skills, other than printed. Messages should be typed on the keyboard.

Many servers on which users communicate,offer this type of service, such as creating rooms of interest, on topics, which greatly facilitates the search for like-minded people. Communicating in the chat, people can send messages as to the main page, where all the statements of users are displayed, and "in private". The message in private can be read only by the user to whom it is addressed.

There are two types of chat servers. These include HTML-chat and Java-chat. And if the first one is the most traditional, and more affordable, as its software does not require additional software, the second type, called "Java", works only when the client program is installed, which provides the effect of "live communication". There are chat rooms, which are based on Adobe Flash technology. Communication in them occurs using a special pop-up socket, which allows you to spend less traffic.

Today popular are the so-called "local chats"- programs designed for communication in local networks. These include Vypress Chat. In addition to communication, you can transfer files via the local chat. There are video chats, where the exchange of messages is also through the keyboard, but additionally there is an image of the printer that allows you to monitor his facial expressions and emotions, and voice chats such as TeamSpeak. The latter are especially popular in team games. Skype, too, can be attributed to one of the varieties of chat programs. And on TV channels chat rooms are used for congratulations on holidays and for making acquaintances. They are displayed by a running line at the bottom of the screen.

Now, for sure, everyone has become aware of what a chat is. In addition, if desired, any user of the worldwide network can create his own.

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