Which engine should I choose foronline store? This question is asked by most start-ups. The platform is so much that it is sometimes difficult to understand. In this review, the best CMS will be considered. The user will be able to select the most appropriate engine for his web resource.

Best CMS Systems

Most companies offer websites onplatforms, with which they are accustomed and easier to work with. Often, these engines do not meet the requirements of customers. In order not to face the limitations of the platform, you need to know the best CMS for creating a site. Choosing the right engine ensures the success of the web resource. There are 2 categories of platforms: commercial and free products.

The first type of engine was created to obtainprofits from sales of licenses and additions. These systems are leading in terms of quality of work and popularity. Almost all useful modules are paid. Beginning entrepreneurs can not always afford to purchase the best CMS on a commercial basis. For them, free engines were created.

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"1C-Bitrix" system

This platform is the best CMS foronline store. Why did she get such popularity? The engine works with an extensive 1C database. If desired, the user can set up bonus programs for customers and indicate different rates for legal entities. The platform is used to create large portals, information resources, as well as services of a different focus.

Sites made on this CMS stand out amongother websites quality of work, a large number of additional modules, reliable protection from hacker attacks and the possibility of sharing rights between several administrators. The system requires considerable investments. Therefore, it is recommended to use the platform "1C-Bitrix" solely for the creation of large projects.


This system is the best CMS foronline store among free products. This engine created more than 150 thousand sites on the Internet. The platform is provided in three editions. Version community edition is free. The admin panel is very convenient.

If you want, you can differentiate the rightsusers. The interface is in Russian. You can find answers to the questions in the community of developers. The user has options for generating detailed reports and adding discount coupons. The client can work with the 1C database.

Goods are imported into Yandex.Market. There are various product filters. If desired, you can send out promotional messages to customers and connect social networks. Developers offer customers to create an affiliate program for their online store. An administrator can manage multiple projects from the same account.

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Disadvantages of Magento

The disadvantages are the lack of integration withRussian payment systems and delivery services. This problem can be solved by installing paid modules and editing existing ones. When you run an online store will have to use the services of an experienced programmer.

The engine consumes a large amount of resourcesserver. The platform should only be used to create large online stores. Useful modules for e-commerce are paid. The cost of some of them is greatly overestimated.


The platform takes the third place in the rating. The product is different in quality. If the user is looking for the best CMS engine, then he should pay attention to Joomla. The client can increase the extensive toolkit with the help of additional modules and plug-ins. High security of work with the service is provided.

User has connect optionsmulti-level authorization of administrators and division of rights of moderators. The appearance of the site is changed by applying a ready-made template from an extensive catalog. If desired, you can create an individual layout. Many customers believe that this is the best CMS for the store, because it allows you to customize a lot of elements. Sites on this engine have a flexible structure.

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Additional components for Joomla

Developers are constantly releasing updates. Initially, the platform was created for corporate web resources, blogs, business cards. Now the engine works with online stores and social sites. To add products to the site, you need to download an additional component. The most common scripts are VirtueMart and JoomShopping.

If necessary, additionalmodules. With the help of VirtueMart, the user can perform the integration of the site with a 1C database, connect popular payment systems, and configure the import / export of products. The additional component is suitable for launching small and medium-sized online stores. VirtueMart is not used to create large portals, as it does not have the necessary functions and proper security system.


This platform is targeted at complex sites andprofessional programmers. Working with the software requires experience and appropriate training. The system is synchronized with partner sites. The user can select short addresses, apply template themes, create Web resources with similar elements (a single user database). The translation function is available in several languages.

The engine is suitable for large online stores andcommunities. In other cases, the costs will not be justified. To work with the platform, you need to install Ubercart. This additional component is virtually identical to the VirtueMart script. The best free CMS Magento and Joomla ranked first in the ranking just because they are a little more common and less complicated to learn and refine than Drupal.

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This platform can work for almostall servers and interact with different browsers. The software is distributed under license. The engine is used when creating sites of different focus. The platform is also the environment for developing applications. It is not demanding on server resources.

Install and configure the engine is not difficult. The shortcomings include the low prevalence in the CIS countries and the lack of the necessary functions to launch a full-fledged online store in these territories. Many users indicate that when working with the engine, there are problems with the security of web resources.


Commercial or absolutely free CMS - whichbetter? The OpenCart platform is a model of how freely distributed software can surpass the boldest expectations of customers. This engine is the most suitable solution for small projects. The platform is easy to install and configure. The engine is not demanding on server resources.

With a huge number of modules, you canadd online store with almost any required functions. Developers from the Russian-speaking community will help resolve all the issues that arise. If you want, you can use the built-in installer for the modules. Initially, the platform was not focused on the CIS market. Now you can find assemblies with additional functionality.

The developers have updated the methods of payment and delivery,added a variety of filters. The most popular assemblies include ocStore and MaxyStore. The customer can always create his own version of the necessary add-ons. The user can use the function of specifying keywords and meta tags for each product individually. The disadvantages are the system hangup with a large number of products, as well as the high cost of many modules.

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The developers created this platform in 2007. The engine is suitable for small and medium-sized online stores. Just like OpenCart, the PrestaShop platform has impressive functionality. To work with Russian payment systems, you will have to add additional modules. The engine is absolutely not demanding on server resources.

In 2011, PrestaShop was recognized as the bestfree platform for e-commerce. Unlike OpenCart, the engine does not have official developer support. Therefore, there are not as many additional modules as the users would like. The base version of the platform uses more resources than OpenCart. The cost of additional modules is much lower than in Magento.


The platform has an adaptive design andeconomy. The client can choose a language for work, set template topics, track statistical information of the type of data on the average check.


In continuation of the theme "the best CMS" followsmention about this engine. The platform is simple, understandable, but at the same time functional. To work with the engine does not require technical knowledge. Even professionals will be happy with the simple interface. Answers to the questions that have arisen can be found in the instructions.

The platform was created for blogs, newsresources and other portals, where you need to quickly add information. Plug-ins to expand the functionality can be purchased at an affordable price. Developers offer more than 10 additional components to create an online store on the WordPress engine. The most popular is the WooCommerce plugin. Start a full-fledged online store on its base is very difficult.

You can add up to 100 product cards,which do not require an update. The platform is easy to learn. The system is suitable for novice users who have a blog on the site WordPress. Among the shortcomings is the lack of integration with 1C, Russian payment systems and delivery services. After installing the plugin, you may encounter a conflict with the template.

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The platform provides an opportunity to developportals in the mobile version. Supports adaptive design. The best CMS should have good functionality for search engine promotion and site integration with useful services. This engine meets all the requirements. The interface is intuitive.

The platform works with a 1C database and electronicpayment systems. When working with a platform, there is no need to apply complex technological solutions. The interface can be divided into two: for users and developers.


The engine is not exacting to hosting and servers. This platform is the best CMS for SEO. The user can choose options for creating short address pages, specifying meta tags, etc. The engine works well with web resources with high attendance. The platform works with the 1C system.

The cost of the license is 6 thousand rubles. The client receives a sufficiently functional platform with the ability to expand the functionality by installing additional modules.


Choosing the best CMS, many users markadvantages of this engine. The creators of the software offer customers an extensive toolkit. The platform is characterized by a convenient organization of Internet marketing, a good form of work with orders, SEO-optimization of resources, integration with 1C and the service "Yandex.Market." The user has options for creating an adaptive design and simple addition of material.

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This platform is called universal. The engine is suitable for creating professional resources of various levels of complexity. The developers offer more than 60 additional modules that expand the functionality. The user can run a quality site of almost any orientation.


The online web page generator is excellentsolution for beginners and professionals. On the basis of the engine, you can create a business card site or a small store. Some users simply add materials for the presentation of the product / service. Customers can use the convenient editor, as well as hundreds of templates in LPStore.

The user has the option to connect a new onedomain and synchronize the site with useful services. If desired, the layout can be redone. Developers also provide tools for SEO optimization.

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