In this article we will look at how to use«Yandex.Money». This, perhaps, is one of the most popular services of electronic money. In the modern world it is difficult to imagine life without the Internet. Recently, people are increasingly using the services of online stores, where payment for goods is carried out using electronic money. Convenience is that you do not have to spend your time on tedious searches for the necessary goods or stand in line for payment of utility services, telephony, Internet. Now we'll figure out how to register and create a purse, how to put money on Yandex.Money, or cash them.

The main competitor is Yandex.Money "is the service" Web Money ". However, the advantage of the first service is that it hacks it much less often, that is, your money is under more reliable protection. That's why many webmasters prefer Yandex.Money, and not Web Money.

Account registration

In order to solve the problem, how to withdraw moneywith "Yandex.Koshelka", for example, if you need someone to transfer money from another city, you first need to register. "Yandeks.Koshelek" allows you to access your account on any computer. For this it is enough to have access to the Internet and remember your passwords. To register a purse, you first need to register with Yandex and start a regular mail. Your password and login will be used to access all Yandex services. After registering the mail you need to go to "Yandex.Money" and click on the button "Open account".

On the new page you will be asked to come up witha payment password that will be required to complete all operations, including to resolve the issue of how to withdraw money from Yandex.Koshelka. You will also need to enter the recovery code that you will need if you forget your payment password. It should be noted that after 15 minutes after you stop working with Yandex.Money, access to information will be discontinued until the next entry, so an outsider can not use your funds, withdraw them or pay your own bills.

After selecting the passwords, click on"Open an account". You will be redirected to a page where you will find information about the completion of registration. Now click on "Start using". You will be taken to the main page as a registered user. On the left you will see the number of your account and the amount of money on it.

Now you can fully use the service, including accepting money, paying for services and replenishing the account.

Using the service "Yandex.Money"

After registration you will be able to fullyuse the service. For example, to transfer money to another user, you need to enter the account number, specify the amount and click on "Translate". To replenish the account there are many ways, for example, the use of cards that can be bought at the post office. You can also put money with a terminal or transfer from a bank card. We'll figure out how to withdraw money from Yandex.Koshelka.

First of all, it should be taken into account that thisthe service will cost you 3% of the transfer amount. You can cash out money from your account in Yandex by transferring it to the card of the bank "Otkrytie", "RosEvroBank" or "Alfa-Bank". The card must be attached to the account in Yandex. The card is attached to the bank's branches or to the "Internet Bank". You can also withdraw money in cash at the RIBO "RIB", CONTACT or Migom or by transfer to the account of a physical bank. In addition, you can transfer money from Yandex to your mobile phone account, and then attach a plastic card to it. This service is available for Beeline subscribers and is popular.

Now you know how to use the service "Yandex.Money", including how to withdraw money from Yandex.Koshelka, pay for services or put money on your mobile.

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