This article will answer the questions, where in"Classmates" section "Awards" and what you need to do in order to get them. Each social network aims to attract as many participants as possible. "Classmates" for a long time retain the status of one of the most famous social networks Runet.

"My achievements" - what is it?

achievements in classmates will help you to receive an award

One of the innovations in this social networkbecame the section "Achievements", which is also referred to as "Awards". "Classmates" give awards to active users in order to encourage the most active participants of the project. All the proposed achievements in the future can be exchanged for paid services.

Many users do not yet know where in the "Classmates" section "Awards" and what is the benefit of receiving them. Let's try to understand this in more detail.

What is the section "Achievements" for?

classmates give awards to active users

  1. With the introduction of this function, the site's creators intend to increase the loyalty of their users.
  2. Make a social network more popular.
  3. Increase your daily advertising revenue.
  4. Try to catch up with the social network activity indicators "VKontakte".

What are the achievements?

where in classmates section awards

For those who do not know where in "Classmates"section "Awards", you need to go to your social network page, click on the "More" tab and select the "Achievements" section. In the new tab the menu with the offered awards will be opened, which are given to each active user of the Odnoklassniki network.

To date, the creators proposed 6 types of achievements, which are also divided into certain groups.

Mission group:

  1. "Come, do not hesitate!".
  2. "How, already go?".
  3. "The executor of desires".
  4. "Lev Tolstoy".
  5. "A pot, brew!".
  6. "Check connection".
  7. "Rare find."
  8. "A true admirer."
  9. "As it is smeared with honey!".
  10. "Attention and care."
  11. "It's more fun together!".
  12. "Active interlocutor."

Photos group:

  1. "Photomaster".
  2. "The champion in the heavyweight."
  3. "Sympathy."
  4. "Superstar".
  5. "High five!".
  6. "The first word is more expensive than the second."

Video group:

  1. "Himself a director."
  2. "Young Spectator".
  3. "Caught the wave."
  4. "Not a day without a video."
  5. "Discoverer".
  6. "Master blockbuster."

The "Groups" section:

  1. "Want to know everything".
  2. "I'm on the topic."
  3. "Honored classmate."
  4. "I'm in a trend."
  5. "Photocross".
  6. "The group is OK!".

Category «Music»:

  1. "Hour of good music".
  2. "Collector".
  3. "Sobornaya Solyanka".
  4. "Hit parade".
  5. "With music in life."
  6. "Golden Library".

Category «Games»:

  1. "In search of adventures".
  2. "Test Drive".
  3. "In Game".
  4. "Playing in your pocket."
  5. "The game mood."
  6. "A friend is known in the game."

How to earn rewards?

what are achievements in classmates

After it became clear what isachievements in "Classmates", it is necessary to understand more in detail how they can be earned. In the description for each of the awards it is indicated, for what specific actions the user of the social network can receive the credits due. Knowing where in the "Classmates" section "Awards", it will be easy to find an explanation for each of the points of achievement. Let's figure out how to earn some awards:

  • "The hour of good music" - it is necessary that the user on the page continuously for an hour played the radio. The radio is located in the category "Music" on the left.
  • "Together cheerful!" - mention your friends more than in three notes. It is important that the note is in status.
  • "Collector" - create 3 albums and add 5 songs to each of them. In this case, both methods work: both "Upload music" and "Add songs".
  • "Active interlocutor" - to get such an achievement you need to write answers in discussions as often as possible.
  • "Attention and care" - to give more than 3 gifts to your relatives.
  • "As honey is smeared!" - for this, the page of the user should go to at least 10 different people.
  • "Play in your pocket" - play any games from your mobile application.
  • "A real fan" - subscribe to 3 or more famous people who have a blue tick on the page.
  • "Game mood" - view more than 70 games located in the top, while not opening them.
  • "Test drive" - ​​run 5 games in the "New" section.
  • "A friend is known in the game" - invite 3 friends to the games.
  • "The group is OK" - create your own group and invite 200 friends.
  • "In the game" - go into the gaming application for 3 days.
  • "I'm in a trend" - join at least 3 official groups.
  • "In search of adventure" - play 10 games in one day.
  • "I want to know everything" - create more than 10 questions in a group.
  • "No day without video" - about 14 days to watch the video.
  • "Pioneer" - put the class to one of the videos, which should later become popular.
  • "Master Blockbuster" - upload a video that will hit the top of the week.
  • "Pot of Varie" - spend 500 OK to buy gifts.
  • "Caught the Wave" - ​​upload a video with the keyword "wedding".
  • "Superstar" - the user should be noted by friends in photos (from 31 to 51 shots).
  • "The first word is more expensive than the second" - write first as many comments as possible.
  • "Champion in Heavyweight" - download more than 50 photos at once to your album.
  • "Give five!" - put a rating of 5 + in the photo of friends.
  • "Photomaster" - upload at least 100 photos to your album.
  • "Sympathy" - upload 5, 30, 100 of your personal photos.
  • "Come, do not hesitate!" - go to "Classmates" as often as possible.
  • "Artist of desires" - send a gift "Kitten" to his friend.
  • "How, already go?" - at least 4 hours to be on the site.
  • "Leo Tolstoy" - write the status for at least 7 consecutive days.

What should I spend my points on?

Achievements in "Classmates" will help to receiveaward and in the future to exchange it for all kinds of paid services in the section "Auctions". This section works as follows. Lot gets the one whose bid at the end of the auction was higher than the rest. All other bets are returned back to their owners.

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