The spread of the Internet is so rapid thatthere are almost no people left who do not take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Global Network. Some users sit on the Internet day and night, others come only once a week to read the mail ... Someone uses information from the Web exclusively for work, and some else for entertainment ... Indeed, the possibilities are the sea, and their implementation is so multifaceted that for a complete description of all the options for hanging out in the Global Network would not be enough and several hundred pages.

Like any activity, work on the Internetimplies the presence of the user's certain skills and knowledge. Knowledge of Internet technologies, as well as the ability to use the main tools for working on the Internet - Internet browsers, is the main factor on which the effectiveness of working with web resources depends, as well as the comfort in obtaining entertainment content and the convenience of working with the computer as a whole.

In fact, in-depth study of all technicalthe intricacies of the operation of computer networks in general and the Global Network in particular, the ordinary user is often not required. But to know, for example, where to enter the address of the page, how to make a bookmark, how to clean the cache, etc. nevertheless it is necessary.

In this article I want to talk about one of thethe fastest and most popular browser to date - Chrome, created by the largest company in the field of Internet business - Google. In addition, the solution of an important question will be discussed below - how to clean the cache in this browser.

Google Chrome with the fact that it is one of thethe youngest browsers, has already gained wide popularity due to the speed of its work, the constant introduction of innovations and full integration with the most popular to date search engine and the services it provides. In addition, almost all users note the ease of mastering Chrome, as well as the unsurpassed simplicity of working in it.

Not all users know that while watchingweb pages with the help of any browser, the data of resources in an automatic mode are saved on the hard disk of the PC. This reduces the time it takes to load web pages. The data is saved in temporary files, which are called the browser cache. It is worth noting that periodically these files need to be deleted, that is, to know how to clean the cache on the computer. Below is how to clean the cache in chrome. In general, the recommendations for clearing the cache are similar for all browsers, so reading the following, solving the issue of how to clean the cache in any browser will be obvious.

Why do I need a cache? It stores video and audio fragments that are viewed and listened to by the user, as well as site design elements (images, styles). It is the cache memory that allows web pages to load faster, because some information is downloaded from the hard drive of the PC, and not from the server.

Each browser has the ability to savetemporary files in a folder that is defined in advance. In most cases, direct user access to this folder is limited. That's why the manufacturers of each browser provided a certain way how to clean the cache.

So, how to clean the cache in Google Chrome.

To clear the cache in Google Chrome, you need tofind on the browser toolbar icon with a picture of a wrench and click on it. Then, in the window that opens, select the Tools item, then the item called "Clear browsing data". After the selection, a dialog box will open, in which it is necessary to mark the data to be deleted. In this case, the cache of the Internet browser. To finish the procedure for clearing the cache, click "Delete the data about the scanned pages".

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