It's no secret that information technology,providing so many amenities and opportunities, have the reverse side of the coin. They can easily be abused for various purposes with respect to ordinary users. The most significant in terms of spread and potential danger is network espionage and theft of personal data. And in this kind of actions, even influential, extremely popular Internet corporations are seen, for example, "Yandex". How does "Yandex" monitor the operations of users?

How does Yandex monitor user operations?

Reply to this question is uniquely difficult, soas such information, of course, is not official. However, it is known that Yandex monitors the actions of users on network resources for further ranking of sites. It's a minimum.

The theory of total shadowing of "Yandex" includesyourself a few specific assumptions, in what ways it can be implemented. Next is a list of the main probable ways of espionage, through which "Yandex" monitors users.

Yandex.Bar service

The first in the list of suspicious services "Yandex"- "Yandex.Bar." According to many users, it allows you to monitor which pages and sites the user visits on the Web. The main area of ​​use of the data obtained in this way is the indexing of sites. This is not dangerous for websites, on the other hand, no one gives guarantees to anyone, and tomorrow everything can change.

how Yandex monitors Internet users

Service "Yandex.Metrics"

This service is one of the most unreliablepoint of view of information security of users. In a significant number of cases, it is with the greatest probability that it allows to explain how "Yandex" monitors the operations of users.

By itself, this service creates and providesTo owners of sites the statistical report on actions of visitors of a resource. That is, it captures and transmits all data about what, when, where and how you did on a particular site. The main thing is that the resource is connected to the service.

Service "Yandex.Metrics "has full information about the actions of users, but it can be dangerous for the site owners themselves, influencing its position in the TOP, up to the complete exclusion from it.

"Yandex Mail"

Many users are distrustful ofalso to the postal service of "Yandex". Of course, if "Yandex" has established itself as an unsafe search engine, then it makes no sense to trust it with personal information, concentrated in personal mail correspondence. As far as these suspicions correspond to reality, it is difficult to say. Basically assumptions about how "Yandex" monitors Internet users, converge to the version that there is an automated service that uses certain filters to sift information, collecting the necessary data. Where and why she sends them - remains a mystery.

Punto Switcher

The most original theory, explaining howthe image of "Yandex" follows the operations of users, is to criminalize ... Punto Switcher. Since the program itself belongs to "Yandex", some users claim that it is used by him for the purposes of collecting and transmitting personal data. Check it is not easy, and there are not enough precedents in the users' practice, so that you can seriously sound the alarm. Nevertheless, there is no evidence to the contrary, that is, that this and its similar software are absolutely safe. Hypothetically, the possibility of using Punto Switcher for espionage purposes is quite possible.

yandex monitors users

Service "Yandex.Vebvizor"

"Web browser" from "Yandex" - very suspicious byits nature service. And given his capabilities, we can assume that he is the number one contender for the role of chief spy. In terms of its functionality, "WebVisor" largely duplicates "Yandex. Metrics." However, when talking about how Yandex watches users' operations, it should be noted that "WebVisor" not only collects information about users who visit the resource, but also produces a video recording of their specific actions: page navigation, scrolling, opening those or other windows, viewing photos and video - in general, everything, up to simple cursor movements on the user's display.


Those or other services of "Yandex" usevery many site owners. It is difficult to name the exact figure, but, most likely, at least half of the Runet is under their control. The scale of the information obtained from them can not be overestimated if at least half of the suspicions turn out to be true. How is this information used now and how can it be used theoretically in the future?

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