Financial brokers say that everyone caneasy to earn. But why then such lucky ones? It is believed that the Internet will help in the search for an answer, and allegedly on the Net it will be possible to find a lot of information about people who are well versed in such matters. Often even name the names of successful traders, in particular, having large incomes on the stock exchange of binary options. Do these facts correspond to reality? And what are they called binary options?

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Pamm Trade: reviews about the company and its owner

One of the known sites of binary options isto name the site, its director and author is Viktor Samoilov. Often presented that this is one of the most successful financiers in the post-Soviet space, and his company Pamm Trade (reviews of which look suspiciously of the same type) guarantees a high profit for everyone.

What is known about the director of this project onReally? It is easy to verify that this person does not receive such money, which he reports everywhere. He receives not the highest incomes, participating in partner programs. It's not so hard to notice that his site was completely made for this purpose.

An employee who receives money from the exchange does notwill so persistently impose on you the services of a broker. Another indicator of unreliable information from Viktor Samoilov are fake accounts and photo accounts. The amounts of money registered on them can not be obtained on binary options, and with great certainty it can be stated that such money is difficult to earn even from the best brokers such as Ducascopy, SaxoBank and others.

pamm trade com reviews

Why is it a divorce?

To understand this, it must be remembered thatbinary options are a parody of a casino, and there are no such brokers that will keep you on a monthly basis for 20-30 thousand dollars. However, Viktor Samoylov continues to assert the opposite and actively advertise his company Pamm Trade, reviews of which are also mostly paid for.

All these accounts are created in order to have a lot ofcustomers. Many managers of such brokerage programs have long said that they can make each such account in order to improve their company's status on the stock exchange.

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What is the discrepancy between Pamm

Reviews about this project say that heprovides a profit of tens of thousands of American dollars. But one important fact concerns people who have deposits and bills from ten thousand dollars and more. They generally leave the Forex market and, of course, from the binary options market, because it is risky with big risks. This means that there is a risk of loss of money due to fraud of the broker or closing of the account, which happens very often, even with large brokers.

Participants in the market with large deposits trade inworld exchanges, of which the most famous is, of course, NYSE, also CME. On the territory of Russia, the basis of all can be called the Moscow Stock Exchange, where you can trade with huge deposits, without fear of losing your money because of brokers.

Site Features

Website http \, reviews about which you can question, also looks very ridiculous. It is easy to guess from this that Victor Samoilov has very little knowledge in trading on the stock exchange, does not understand elementary things about the exchange and binary options.

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The whole site is filled with unnecessary and ridiculous advertising,which is designed to lure new users into their programs. In Yandex.Direct there is a regular announcement on the topic "How to make money on the stock exchange of options - 5 steps to success!". It very often comes across a photo of a laptop stuffed with money, palm trees outside the windows and strong drinks in the frame.

Another ad, hosted on the same network,offers as earnings binary options and free training in trading. When you click on the link, a page opens that contains exactly the same type about Pamm Trade reviews. There is no doubt that they are bought or made personally, because they are all written in one style and contain similar pictures with money and luxury items to create an impression of success!


In any advertisement, Viktor Samoilov informs everyone,that it is more than secured and does not charge money for the training of traders. And at the same time, it is so successful that it gathers people, and for some reason makes them a lot of advertising and other unnecessary things. It is worth noting that he advertises a lot of brokers and does a lot of actions, which do not make rich people. Not so long ago, he was seen buying an advertisement on the federal channel "Vesti", and there he advertised binary options. All this only confirms that he regularly deceives millions of people with his actions.

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What conclusions can be drawn?

Project Pamm Trade, reviews of which are somonotonous, is a typical site of a million of the same resources that are launched with only one purpose, namely, to advertise and attract new members to the affiliate program. In this case, various methods are used, from uniquely arrogant to quite good ones. However, all these projects deceive people, giving them hope for a good future.

Research that shows on your siteSamoilov, do not coincide with his words about the pattern of earnings and methods of analysis, because he himself uses quite different methods of work. The conclusion is simple: he does not understand the trade on the stock exchange, and the recorded video is made quite ridiculous, and his only goal is to advertise Pamm Trade. Feedback from investors about this company looks like clones of each other, which is beyond doubt.

If you really want to become the best trader andchange your life for the better, then you have to work very hard, and binary options may well be for you the initial step in achieving the goal! Earnings on any resale are very serious work, experience and terrible stress. However, later you will be guaranteed freedom from leaders, crises and economic difficulties.

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