In this material, we'll look at how to removeaccount on "Aliexpress". Today, most purchases are made by users without leaving home. On the appropriate resources for ordering, you just need to click the mouse button several times. Images of goods on the pages are so attractive that it is extremely difficult to keep from the next payment. If the willpower is not enough, it is better to delete the account on one of the most popular Internet sites. Further, we will consider how to do this.


how to delete an account on aliexpress
The question of how to delete an account on"Aliexpress", can arise in a number of cases. In particular, this may be necessary when creating a set of "one-time" profiles. This approach is used to participate in promotions or sales. No less common reason is the loss of password from the e-mail box.


  • Open the site.
  • We enter the section entitled "My account on Aliexpress."
  • We are authorized.
  • Select the item called "Profile Settings".
  • On the opened page we use the function "Edit".
  • We proceed to the next stage of the solution of the question, how to delete the account on "Aliexpress".
  • We get to the page of editing profile data.
  • Choose an item called "Deactivate account". It is located in the upper right corner.
  • We get directly to the page for deleting the account. Remotely its form resembles the creation of a dispute about the goods.
  • In the first field, enter the mailing address.
  • In the second column, specify: Deactivate my account.
  • From the list of possible reasons, we choose the necessary one. For example, we can inform the administration that we registered by mistake and do not need more in this account. Also, as a reason, you can refer to the lack of the sale of the goods we need. Among the proposed options is even a refusal to use the site because of the large number of letters that come from it. You can also inform the site administration that you are no longer running a business.
  • After these items are filled, click on the red button located at the bottom of the page - Deactivate my account.

The task was solved - the account was deleted.


my account on aliexpress
The solution discussed aboveto delete the account on "Алиэкспрессе" irrevocable. After its application all history, accounts, saved pages, correspondence and orders will disappear. Therefore, it is first necessary to check whether there are purchased but not enough orders. After the account is deleted, it will not be possible to control the speed of the transfer.

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