Progress does not stand still, more and moresocial networks are gaining popularity. After all, there you can make friends, communicate with them for free, share your photos, listen to music, watch movies, play games and even earn! Therefore, we are constantly receiving automatic alerts: about the life of our friends, games, news and so on. Many do not like it, some people even annoy it, but not everyone knows how to turn off SMS alerts in "Classmates".

how to turn off notifications in classmates


Pay attention to the top menu in the"Classmates." With it you can view your messages, notifications, watch guests, friends and so on. Go to the "Alerts" tab. You will see a list of your notifications. If you want to delete a notification, hover over it with the cursor, in the upper right corner there will be a cross, click on it with the left mouse button.

To the left of the list there will be a small panel, on which possible topics of notifications are displayed. With it, you can view your notifications by category.

How do I turn off notifications in "Classmates"

how to disable sms alert classmates
In fact, it's very easy to turn off notifications in "Classmates".
Staying on the main page, pay attentionon the menu under your main photo ("Find friends", "Close profile", "My settings" and so on). Select the "My Settings" tab. We are sent to the section with the basic settings, where you can change your personal data. On the left we see one more menu and select the "Notifications" section there. You see the same list with possible notifications. To disable an unnecessary section, just uncheck it by clicking on it. After making changes, be sure to click the "Save" button.

To completely isolate from annoying friends and spam inviting you to groups or games, you need to go to the "Publicity" section in the same menu on the left.
Under the heading "Allow", find the items "Invite me to groups", "Invite me to games" and mark the desired item: "Receive notifications only from friends" or not receive at all.

How to turn off notifications in "Classmates" on your phone

how to turn off notifications in classmates on your phone

In "Odnoklassniki" there is a function that allows you to receive notifications to your phone via SMS at any time, at any time. So far, not all users of operators can use this service.

To turn off notifications in "Classmates" bySMS, go to the "My Settings" section. On the left, select "Notifications". In the column "SMS" we remove the tick on unnecessary notifications. At the bottom you can specify the time interval when you will receive notifications.

As it was said above, if you do not have an SMS-column, then your mobile operator does not cooperate with the social network, and you can not use this function in any way.

Note: If you have deleted notifications in "Classmates", it will still remain in the mail.

How to turn off the sound of a message in "Classmates"

Sometimes when you watch a movie or listen to musicin "Classmates", annoying friends get bored with messages, and the SMS sound signal distracts from the case. To make the messages silent, go to the "Messages" tab. Next, click on the add-ons, these are vertically aligned three dots in the upper left corner. In the "Notifications" section, uncheck "Hearing about new messages".

We hope this article was useful and informative. Pleasant use!

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