Many of us are registered in one of the mostpopular Russian-speaking social networks - Classmates dot ru. Not without reason all the best photos people post on this resource to tell friends and acquaintances about their lives.

how to change the name in classmates

One of us at the time of registration pointed out the truthfulname, and someone - fictional. But also those of others may sooner or later have a question, how to change the name in classmates. Some will want to enter their real data, instead of a pseudonym, and some on the contrary, hide the true personal data from inquisitive comrades from all sorts of special services. After all, in fact, social networks - it's a free database for law enforcement agencies, tax inspection, etc. If before they had to work hard to figure out a person, now everything is simple. Introduce yourself a surname with a name and a city, and here it is. With all friends, place of work, rest, etc.

Now we'll tell you what actionsit will be necessary to perform so that you can change the name in classmates. Also you will understand how you can replace the name, age indicator and your residence. This will not force you to strain or comprehend any special knowledge and skills.

change name in classmates

Go to the "About Yourself" tab through your Internet-browser. When you do this, you should open a page where you need to click the left mouse button on the link "specify the place of your birth". After that, on the screen of your computer you will see the window that opens, where you can change all your data: the name along with the surname, the age with the place of residence and birth, if they differ from each other.

Now, in order to finally close the question of how,"How to change the name in classmates", you write your real name (if you want to put it on public display) or some of your nickname (if necessary) opposite the "name" line. The same actions you make with your name opposite the corresponding line. If you want - indicate the real, and if not - a pseudonym. By the way, it is best if the latter will consist of two words. One you write in the column "name", the second in the line "surname".

If you are interested not only in how to change the name inclassmates, but you would still like to change your age, gender and place of birth and residence, then enter the desired data in all relevant rows. When you have finished entering all the necessary details, click on "Save". After that, all the changed data and settings that you just entered remain in your account. As you can see, changing the name did not pose any particular problems or difficulties.

name change

If everything went well, you will see a window -settings have been saved. It's interesting that every day users are wondering how to change the name in classmates. From day to day, the network grows fewer people, who submit their real data, ranging from the name with the name and ending with the place of residence. On the one hand it is, of course, correct - it's a kind of security measure With drugoi same - friends and acquaintances will be difficult to find a specific person on fictitious data.

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