Is it difficult to create your own online resource? How much does an article for a site cost? Where do you look for content and how to choose materials from the masses at first sight identical proposals? It is rather difficult to give unambiguous answers to such questions, however, it is quite possible to determine the strategy of behavior that would be rational in their solution.

The cost of an article on the same subject for differentauthors can differ at times. Everything depends on the competence of the copywriter, his experience, subjective evaluation of his own services, as well as the complexity of the text and the requirements for its implementation.

One text material, once placed on thesite, is able to bring its owner much more than a few dollars spent on its acquisition. So what is the reasonable price that is worth paying for it?

"Price Corridor" for copywriting

By and large, the cost of writing articles -the magnitude is incredibly unstable. It is so individual that it is simply impossible to talk about any tough tariffs for writing. As a rule, higher prices indicate that the quality of the proposed material will be higher than in cheap offers. However, again, everything is subjective.

Sometimes for a fairly low cost, you canto acquire a wonderful material, impeccably literate and with logically inscribed keys. Therefore, it is also necessary to approach the selection of contractors individually.

The most reasonable thing is to make a test ordera small package from one artist and, if everything works out, continue cooperation with him. If the quality of the text is lower than expected, you should contact the authors of the resources, which for the prices they set for the articles I can guarantee to you that the materials at the output will meet all of your requirements, described in the terms of reference (brief to the order).

How much does an article for a site cost: normal or high-quality? It all depends on how effective you want it to be. You can order materials and also place them on, a resource that has existed for more than two years and has a very high rating in the leading search engines.

How to decide how much you need to pay for an article

Everything depends on the goal that is set by the ownersite. In the case when it comes to raising the positions of a new resource of information and education (say, a blog about raising children or growing houseplants), then buying for filling out the article from professional copywriters, perhaps, does not make much sense.

If you ask how much is an article forsite at the beginning authors working on copywriting exchanges, then on average 2-3 dollars per unit is obtained. Due to the peculiarities of the subject matter, the writing of such an article is not particularly difficult and can be done by almost any performer.

A completely different situation develops ifyou need content for a more serious resource, for example, a scientific nature or created in support of business. In this case, all the materials published on it are subject to much more stringent requirements.

This is the content of the articles, their general stylist,literacy of writing, the consistency of presentation, persuasiveness and the ability to produce the kind of impact that customers expect. How much is an article for a site in this case, you can determine roughly in this range: from 20 to 100 dollars and above. Most expensive are materials on narrow topics, which require the author to have serious knowledge and careful study of the material. It is necessary to understand that the layman simply can not perform them, so in this case you should not save.

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