Internet traffic today is one of the mostmost valuable resources in the network. It is sold and bought, it is exchanged; with its help develop new resources, create business and permanent income of thousands of people. In this case, all traffic ... are visitors! We with you, visiting the next news site, become its traffic and bring some earnings to its owner! And, as you can guess, for us (for Internet traffic), owners of online resources are fighting hard against competitors from their niche. Each of them tries to attract traffic, increase its volumes, increase it to the maximum.

Traffic is

motivated traffic

As we explained in a brief form, trafficvisitors to the Internet resource are called; people who go to the site and read news, watch videos, study the materials that interest them. In the Internet business, traffic plays a key role: the more it is available, the more revenue a site owner can receive from his or her resource. At the same time, the number of visitors determines the methods of earning, which also significantly affect the final figures of income.

However, do not simplify the indicators. Attract visitors to the site can be in many ways. Therefore, accordingly, you can distinguish several different types of traffic, each of which has a different degree of value. Read further about the basis on which the classification of traffic types is conducted and why the price of each of them differs from the others.

Types of traffic

So, let's give a simple example. There are two situations. The first is when you ask your friends, relatives and acquaintances to go to your website and do this, for example, every day. As a result, it turns out that your site will have traffic at the level of 10-20 users per day.

Another situation is when you yourselffilled the resource with articles, and then noticed that it regularly comes to those very 10-20 visitors (but already unknown to you, coming from the search engines). What do you think, which traffic is more valuable? Of course, the one that comes with the search engines.

motivated traffic is what this

After all, in terms of the advertiser, buyingtraffic, it does not get your friends, but real users interested in finding material on the topic of your site. But your friends, whom you asked, in this case and show an example of what is motivated traffic.


In this case, the classification criterion issource of visitors. If they come from search engines, then they are looking for information on the topic of your resource. At the same time, it also means that for some of the keywords your site takes the first positions, which already defines it in a positive light. In this case, motivated traffic is a completely different conversation. It is not an indicator of the quality or popularity of your site. Its appearance means that you just purchased your site's displays among these people (or asked them to go in person - the essence of the matter does not change).

As you can guess, get a realSearch traffic is much harder and more expensive than buying motivated traffic (from axleboxes, job ad exchanges and from other sources). People who move not from search, but for some other reasons, are not too interested in your site - they do it for a reward. This determines the further behavior of such users. In one case, they immediately close your resource; in another - read the articles posted on it, search for useful information for themselves, perhaps make some purchase or issue an order.

motivated traffic from axleboxes

How to get motivated traffic

In fact, get visitors to your site,which will go for some other reason (except for natural interest in your resource), is not so difficult. Today there are whole exchanges where for a couple of cents you can buy a package from several impressions of your site to the people you need. You can select them, including by the criteria of the country of origin, age, browser version and so on. Such exchanges are called bunks (this word has already been used above), on them you can ask the visitor to click on the banner, make a transition to the page you need and perform, in principle, any action. You can get motivated traffic from axleboxes (what it is, you already know) on a huge scale, by tens and even hundreds of thousands of visitors, if you want to create the appearance of active attendance of the resource. However, if you have a visit counter installed on your site, you can easily determine by it that the traffic is not interested: the number of conversions will be equal to the number of visitors.

Types of motivation

motivated traffic with axes

Motivated traffic (what is it, we are already with youknow) by its origin can also be different. After all, forcing a user to make a transition, you can motivate him in many ways. Most often for visiting the resource you need, users are paid a certain amount, for example - $ 0.002. Having looked at 100, 500, 1000 sites, the person for a relatively short period of time will be able to earn a certain amount of money.

Another type of motivation is gettingremuneration. Such a system is practiced, for example, in online games where a new game character is given to the user for viewing the banner or a new card is opened. This model is beneficial for everyone: both game developers, and directly to the player.

Who needs motivated traffic

The fact that this kind of visitors is of little interestin your site, makes it seemingly little suitable for working with advertising or any suggestions that are available on any project. However, people buy such shows and deal with such visitors. We know how to get motivated traffic, what it is, but we do not see a wide application to it. And in vain: with its help, you can easily wind any shows.

Motivated traffic is

In skillful hands,resemble those who are interested, at least in the sense for which they are motivated. Say, in this way, you can increase the number of Youtube views of the video or some interesting note with a link to your material. Working with such traffic requires creative thinking and the ability to make the most of the available resources.

Where is prohibited

At the same time, there are those schemes where it is not allowedmotivated traffic. Offering is the best example. If the advertiser pays for registration in his game, and you search for those who will register an account for an additional fee, most likely, the result of such an experiment will be a ban. After all, the advertiser will see that all the registrations paid to them turned out to be a "dummy", and really users do not enter their accounts.

motivated traffic what it is

The same goes for advertising with pay per click. It is very important to maintain the quality of traffic, its interest. For the fact that people hire motivated users and force them to perform clicks on advertising, the advertiser simply blocks such "businessmen" without payment.

Where are they allowed

Talking about ways to use motivatedtraffic, you can identify a number of key areas. First of all, this is an increase in the characteristics of your site: the increase in the number of viewings of records, the increase in the views of videos and so on. In the future, this will eliminate the effect of the "empty and young" site, which is inevitable for all beginner projects.

More "prepaid" users canused on some of the shows. In the conditions of their explicitly stated that this type of traffic is permissible. True, more often than not, we are talking about offers to buy a product (for example, a season ticket to a salon). The owner of the salon, in fact, does not care before the visitor has found his site. The main thing is the transfer of real funds and the real desire of the client to visit the institution.

motivated traffic

As we see, depending on the situation,motivated traffic can become both an excellent tool for inexpensive and effective promotion, and the mechanism of deception of the advertiser. So be on the alert: today craftsmen who want to profit by someone's naivety (including - on the Internet), enough.

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