When you have a baby, creative energysometimes starts to just boil. At this time, many people want to create and fantasize, dream and create. Familiarity with the technique of scrapbooking begins with the first album about the baby. And now more about this.

Necessary materials

scrapbooking for a newborn album

To get a real masterpiece, often usescrapbooking for a newborn album. The result can not be compared to anything else. Photos interspersed with decorations represent the whole creation created by your hands. And what you need for this:

  • cardboard or watercolor paper;
  • glue "Moment" - very much;
  • 2 sheets of thick cardboard for the cover, it is also called bookbinding;
  • photo paper for high-quality photo printing;
  • cloth or leather in order to cover the cover;
  • sintepon in order for the cover to be soft;
  • different decorations: ribbons, pearls, buttons, flowers.

At first it is recommended to collect at least the basicmaterial, so as not to fall into a stupor in the process of creativity. It will not be very cheap, but it's definitely not as expensive as a custom album. In addition, you are most likely to get involved in scrapbooking. Album for the baby will be only the first acquaintance with this interesting activity.

Getting Started

scrapbooking album for the kid

Let's start with printing photos. Without them, not one album for a newborn girl will turn out. Scrapbooking will be later, now there will be photoshop. If you have decided on the size of the album, you need to print and photos for it. They can and must be pre-processed, crop excess, change colors, and sharpen. Remember that not all photos will fit into the album, but at least 50 need to be printed, so that there is plenty to choose from. This is important to do right now, then not to be distracted from the creative process. Then we prepare the basis of the album. You can pre-prepare a frame from watercolor sheets, which you will then only paste the desired content, or you can just make different pages to later sew them.

The pages themselves

album for the newborn girl scrapbooking

Scrapbooking for a newborn albumis used often. It is accepted to divide pages by the months of development of the child. Total you will have 14 pages. The first - with your pregnancy, the last - with the holiday of the first year, the rest - for every month of life. With this calculation it is necessary and print photos. Now it remains to arrange them. Scrapbooking for a newborn album implies a spectacular design. If you do not know how to arrange items on a sheet, use the finished sketch. So for a start it will be easier to work. Under the photograph, usually put a substrate, which is more than 2 mm photo on each side. Decorations should be chosen according to the colors that are already in the photo. All the elements are better placed on the principle of a triangle and do not spread them evenly throughout the entire page. It's good, if some signatures appear under the photo. It is better to print them on a printer, rather than write by hand.


Using the technique of scrapbooking for the albumnewborn, you get not just an unspeakable pleasure, you will be pleased to again and again open this album and leaf through its pages. Together with this you invest a part of yourself in this work, share your warmth. When your child grows up, he will certainly appreciate your work.

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