Reality in many respects differs from magicalthe worlds in which we sink, thanks to books and films. We do not know how to perform miracles with one wave of the hand, but we still want to believe in magic and we want to get its attributes. For example, an elder-stick is the object of the desire of many fans of "Harry Potter". We will figure out how to make it yourself.

Any fan of fantasy will indicate its reason forwhich he wants to have this souvenir. But in fact, everyone agrees that, first of all, they attract elegance, beauty, style and pleasant sensations from touching this artifact. The elderly wand, created by itself, combines all these qualities.


In addition, in the magical world of "Harry Potter" sheis considered the most powerful among the ever existing magical accessories. And its owner is endowed with the power to create great things. The heroes of the books of Joanne Rowling committed terrible acts in order to get this "gift of death".

Wood base

Unlike the well-known plot, in the real worldno one will have to kill to get an elderly wand for you. There are several ways to create it. The classical method requires the use of the usual branch as the basis for the craft. To make your dream come true, you need to do the following.

First, find a few twigs thatRecently, they broke off from a suitable tree. If the elder does not grow nearby, you can use a willow, apple tree or just your favorite plant of this type. Clear the most suitable for the shape and size of the knot from the bark. Then leave it for a couple of days on the windowsill so that it dries well.


After that, lightly sharpen the area thatis near the tip, and cover the workpiece with varnish. This will be the basis for your future craft. The Dumbledore's bacon wand has characteristic bulges and hollows on its surface. How to create them, we will understand later. In the meantime, let's talk about one more option for preparing the case.

We work with cardboard

This method is very fast and easy to perform. For work it is necessary to prepare the following materials and tools:

  • A4 cardboard (its color does not matter);
  • silicone;
  • stationery scissors and glue.

Start by folding the sheet diagonally from theone corner to the opposite. Bend it halfway, and cover the rest with glue. To better understand how to make an elderly stick, twist the cardboard into a tube, and then spread and wait until it dries.

Silicone - to the rescue

Your basic material should become firm and sturdy. When you see that he is ready for the next stage of work, put silicone into action. It can be found in any store of building materials.

dumbledore's wand

This filler is sold in different volumestubes. If you choose a large one, you will need a special pistol in addition to it. But for this work is quite enough standard packagings of small size. In the work with him, no additional tools are used.

Silicone is needed to make an elderly stick,own hands made at home, has become more massive and weighty. Open the tube and pour its contents into the wide end of the workpiece. If you worry that one package may not be enough, use the material sparingly and do not fill them all the space inside the case. In this case, your creation will be easier.

"Sip" in the same way and the oppositeside. Wait until the filler has dried. Packages with silicone always indicate the term of its congealing. After the inner part of the workpiece has finally hardened, you can proceed to decorating, thanks to which your craft will look exactly like a real elderberry stick.

Materials for decoration

This powerful artifact has a very interesting shape. At first glance, it may seem that it is rather difficult to recreate it. But in fact it is quite real. First, prepare everything that will be needed in the work:

  • Strong wire from which we will make a frame;
  • aluminum foil;
  • sculptural or ceramic clay;
  • Stack (tool for modeling);
  • ohru;
  • black, brown, white and golden acrylic paints and brushes to them.

how to make an elder-stick

So that you get a real elderlyrod, you can use a special frame as its basis. Cover the wire with foil in three to four layers. At the same time, carefully smooth it, so that after that it would be more convenient to apply a layer of clay on it.

We decorate

Prepare from plastic material smallCylindrical strips and attach them around the frame. You need to make 5 such thickenings, each of which will be slightly smaller in size than the neighboring ones (if you arrange them in the direction from the handle to the tip). The distance between them also needs to be done differently.

harry potter's elderly stick

Do them in small cavities usingwire or rod from the handle. Separately, make a relief from the clay in the form of a cone and fix it on the thick end of the body. Now go to the painting.

Fully coat the entire product with a black base. Since the elder bacon should have brown bulges, paint them in this color. Pay attention: holes on the spheres should remain dark.

Wipe a bit of the thin part of the frame with ocher and draw on the handle a white symbol of the gifts of death (a circle and a vertical strip inscribed in a triangle).

Now you have the most powerful magicala tool from a series of books and films of the Harry Potter franchise. The bacon wand is actually ready for use. Now it remains to perform a small final ritual, after which you can begin to conjure.

Start witchcraft

Some lovers of magic are advised to go at night inforest and hold a whole rite with spells and a circle of candles. But since not every parent will allow his child to go into the thicket alone, you can limit yourself to a simpler way of dedication.

A magic wand is a tool that enhances the likelihood of fulfilling desires. And if you turn to magic, then you want to have a certain event in your life.

When you crave it with all your heart, the magicalThe attribute greatly increases the chances of realizing a dream. That is, the key to the effectiveness of any artifact and spells is faith. The stronger it is, the more powerful your gift becomes.

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