To date, new directions are emergingin needlework. And sometimes they are rather unusual. For example, crafts made of pasta and cereals. Ten years ago you knew about this kind of creativity? And now this is one of the most interesting and creative directions. In kindergartens and schools, children are introduced to the technology of making products from these products. And at home you can join the kids and create a couple of interesting souvenirs or toys. In this article, we will consider the original ideas of this kind of crafts.


pasta and cereals

Learn this kind of needlework, like crafts frompasta and cereals, it is recommended to start small children with the manufacture of the applique. It will require cardboard, PVA glue, cereals (buckwheat, millet, rice, peas and any others), macaroni of different shapes, pencils or markers.

On the cardboard draw a simple pencil contourssubject or story composition. Discuss with the child what materials you will make out every detail of the picture. Then, starting from the top of the cardboard sheet, spread a small piece of paper with glue and sprinkle with one or another cereal, spread the pasta. So fill the whole composition. Carefully remove excess glue with a napkin. Cover the application with an even hard object (plastic or wooden plank) so that it does not curl up from moisture, and leave to dry. After that, paint with colored pencils or markers fine details on the composition, select the outlines. That's all. Such articles made of pasta and various cereals can become an original decoration of the children's room. They simply need to be fixed in a frame and hung on a wall or put in a conspicuous place.

handmade pasta pictures

Crafts from pasta (photo - a bright volumeconfirmation) can be executed in the form of carnival decorations - beads, bracelets, belts. Little needlewomen will like not only to decorate their image, but also the process of making.

For work you will need pasta-pens, gouache,PVA, thread kapron, needle. Paint the paint with water and glue until the consistency of sour cream and color all the macaroni. If you do not add glue, then the gouache will be taken to hands. After drying the workpiece, thread it on the thread with a needle. Between the pasta can be inserted beads. Secure the product with a knot - the beads are ready. Alternatively, you can change the sequence of doing this craft: first, string all the macaroni, fix it, and then paint and dry.

Christmas gifts

Crafts from pasta and cereals onNew Year themes are very relevant on the eve of the winter holidays. Christmas trees, snowflakes, angels from these products look very attractive and interesting. They can not only decorate the interior, but also give to friends. Making these souvenirs will appeal to you and your children.

pastas from pasta

How to make a Christmas tree of macaroni? Prepare cardboard, a gun (for glue), long pasta and decorative elements. We also need tape, old paper or pieces of foam, paint in a can. Then follow the instructions.

  1. From the cardboard, fold the cone and fix it with adhesive tape. Fill the inside with crumpled paper or small debris of foam. Cover the hole with a round piece of cardboard.
  2. Beginning from the bottom of the product, fasten the macaroni with a thermo-pistol to the surface of the cone at one end, forming "needles" from them.
  3. Paint the craft from the can and allow to dry.
  4. Decorate the product with beads, snowflakes, "rain". It is possible to glue a piece of foam from the foam on the PVA glue, imitating the snow. Or walk gently with a brush, applying sparkles.

That's all. Smart Christmas tree is ready to bring a festive mood to your house.

This kind of creativity, like making crafts frompasta and cereals, continues to develop. There are many ideals: frames for mirrors and photos, wall panels and paintings, toys, caskets, souvenirs. Try to make something yourself, and maybe very soon you will be able to brag about your personal design decoration or author's product from such seemingly utterly unfit for the creativity products, like pasta or cereals.

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