Mums of girls are familiar with the problem of buying a newdresses. Young young ladies are rather capricious: they do not like the style, the color is not the same, then the scarf is not enough ... But it remains only to sew the new thing yourself to please the little fashionista. It is very useful ready-made pattern of children's dress. You can build it on the basis of taking measurements, mathematical calculations and complex calculations. But today I will show you another way, the maximum is simple. With it, you can sew your own dress to your favorite daughter for a couple of hours.

pattern of children's dress
So, a pattern of children's dress with a whole-cutsilhouette. On its basis, you can sew many different beautiful updates, provide them with accessories and additions. And your young model will be able to flaunt in them, touching everyone around. By the way, many patterns of children's dresses are also built according to the simplest technology. It's all about the right selection of fabric and subtle details.

All you need is to open a childwardrobe and get out the daughter's jersey, which is just right for her. It will be our help in building a pattern. We put this jersey on a large sheet of paper (a tracing paper, a millimeter, and just a roll of wallpaper) and circle it around the contour. To prevent the fabric from fraying, and the contour has turned out as precisely as possible, you can iron it beforehand.

You should have a basic outline, based onwhich will be used to build a pattern of children's dress. That is, we just finish the necessary length and, if necessary, the volume. To dress well sat, you need to pay attention to a few points. Firstly, the shoulder line should be not even, but slightly beveled down from the middle. Secondly, the bottom should be made not even, but semicircular. And, thirdly, starting from the armpits, we draw the side lines not vertically, but in the likeness of the trapezium - diverging in the sides. The further they diverge, the correspondingly, the skirt of the dress will be more sumptuous.

Patterns of children's elegant dresses

That, in fact, that's all. And then you are given complete freedom of creativity. Cutting armholes and throats do not have to be the same as a prototype shirt. They can be formed deeper, give a different shape, etc. The main thing is to observe two basic rules, so that the pattern of a child's dress painted allows you to sew a new thing that is ideally suited to your baby.

  1. The width between the lower edges of the armhole (under the armpitline) should not be less than the half-engagement of the child's breast. An exception can be made only if you are going to sew a dress from a very elastic fabric. In general, to the number of the half-mantle of the breast it is necessary to add 5-6 cm for the freedom of clinging. If the dress is sewn "to grow", then everything is 7-8.
  2. The height of the armhole is calculated, again based ona semicircuit of a breast. Its size should be divided into four and the result to add 6-7 cm. Such an armhole is ideal for a girl, there will not be any pressure or sag.

You see, no complex drawings,calculation of details - and your pattern of children's dress is almost ready. Remains only to place it on the fabric and cut, leaving allowances on the seams in one or two centimeters. By the way, when constructing a pattern, you can not particularly monitor the observance of symmetry: if one shoulder suddenly turns out to be a couple of millimeters above the other - this is not so important, because only one half of the pattern can be used to transfer it to the fabric.

baby dress patterns
In a word, when you start building yourselfpatterns of children's dress, the main thing is not to make a mistake with the size and pay attention to the different depths of the cutouts of the front and back. The rest is only for your imagination: what kind of dress you draw, this will work!

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