The art of making paper crafts camefrom the Land of the Rising Sun. In addition to solid paper crafts, modular origami also comes from Japan. For a long time in the houses of this country, many decorative interior items were made in this way. Take at least kusudama - three-dimensional round baskets, where the Japanese put medicinal herbs and incense. In our time, Kusudama is a fairly common decoration, which is a ball of paper modules.

Paper - a fairly cheap material, and paperorigami can be real toys, which in their elegance can compete with the shop. If you have a child, crafts - origami can deliver a double benefit - he can get a beautiful and unusual toy, and then, probably, he will want to make this one himself. And this is already - the development of spatial imagination, motor skills of the hands and small muscles of the hand. For example, you can please your child with a toy like the origami "Parrot", but much more fun you deliver to him, if you show him how to make an origami parrot and let him make this very paper toy. In addition, adults themselves often make paper crafts for decorative and other purposes. For example, origami can be a good decoration for a Christmas tree.

How to make an origami parrot? There are many ways to collect origami "Parrot", including the assembly of a modular origami parrot. Naturally, before you make an origami parrot, you need to know the sequence of work or at least copy it. Here in detail one of the ways of making origami "Parrot" is given. 1. Take a colored sheet of paper, cut out of it the right square. To do this, just bend the sheet diagonally from one side, apply it at a right angle to the other side so that the joints converge, and cut off the excess part. 2. So, you have an even square. It is already bent one diagonally. The lateral sides of this square must be bent to the diagonal line and returned to its original position. 3. At the opposite corner of the square, repeat the same. Fold the sheet on the other diagonal, unfold. 4. Mark with a pencil all fold lines on this square, except for the central part of the second diagonal. Now, on these lines, assemble the workpiece by repeating the first action 2. After that, on each of the bent sides you will see three folds. To bend the sides again on the other side, pull the second bottom from the fold on each side, attaching it to the paper. 5. Fold the workpiece vertically in half. Bend away from yourself under the slope to the right the bottom corner, and then bend inward. 6. Lower the middle triangle, repeating the same on the other side. 7. Fold the top of the workpiece away from yourself, then towards yourself, after completing the fold. 8. On this fold, bend the top to the right along the crease. End the top with a "lightning". 9. To perform the beak "parrot", bend the top corner of the top inward. After the technical side of the work is behind, you can color your origami "Parrot", glue your eyes.

Now let us briefly consider how to assemble the modularorigami "The Parrot". Before you make an origami parrot of this type, you first need to make the right amount of modules of a particular color. Modules are very handy details for creating origami, they can be compared to a designer: you can not only collect the details from these modules, but then parse them. And products assembled from modules can look very beautiful. Modules of one row are attached to the "pockets" of the other, and so gradually you can form whole "sculptures" from these details, forming rows and "floors". Probably the most difficult thing in making a modular origami "Parrot" is to make the modules themselves. Modular Origami "Parrot" - not only a strange toy, but also an excellent decoration for your table.

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