Nature is perfection and harmony. It inspires creativity in its own way, so it's hard to find someone who never tried to make crafts from natural material.

Take a closer look at people who have a holiday on the seashore. Not only children, but also adults actively sort out seashells and pebbles, taking away those attracted in the palms of their hands and bags. Not everyone will go home with this booty, but many will bring the seafood to the stuffy cities to try to realize their creativity.

Any cardboard box easily turns into aThe original casket for storing small things or jewelry. It is enough only to cover with each glue, except for the bottom, the collected seashells, selecting them according to the size and shape.

Forest also inspires crafts from naturalmaterial, generously endowing the most unusual ideas. From the forest take cones: green and ripe, they should not be overdried, without damage. These usually lie on wet soil.

Summer and autumn are a great time for collecting materialson crafts made of natural material. For children fun entertainment can be imagined the search for colorful leaves under the trees in an autumn park or forest. The more diverse you will find foliage, the more options you will get.

Crafts made of natural material - no funonly for children. They develop creative imagination, fine motor skills of the hands, learn how to plan their actions, based on existing conditions. These classes develop creativity, surprising with an unusual look at the usual things. Try to make the simplest hand-made of colorful autumn leaves - fish in the aquarium, calling for helpers, a child.

It will take color cardboard of blue orturquoise color, it will depict the aquarium. On this cardboard, spread out the dried leaves so as to get the trunk of the fish, a lush tail. Long narrow leaves are useful for recreating algae on the bottom of the aquarium. After all the elements of the picture are laid out on the basis, they should be fixed with glue and put a thick book volume on top. In a few hours you can take out the "aquarium" from under the press, put it on the children's shelf or hang it on the wall.

Crafts made of natural material - not onlychildren's fun. They can be real works of art in the hands of artists. If you are striving for eccentricity and a special atmosphere for the design of an apartment, it is worth mastering the art of transforming things into a new quality. Particularly effective look handicrafts from the tree, although this direction requires certain skills in working with tools. If the skill of working as a carpenter or carpenter is not, it does not matter. The tree has many branches, which can be easily handled without special equipment. You only need to be able to watch carefully and choose the types of trees with softwood: linden, pine, willow, poplar. Quaintly curved branch is enough to wash, dry, cover with a furniture transparent varnish, and the hanger for umbrellas or bags is almost ready. It remains to nail it to the wall at a comfortable height.

Want to make a dacha kitchen with atmosphere andthe scent of a wooden hut? Too simple, useful thick branches and logs of different thicknesses. From them you need to cut pieces in the form of disks of the same thickness. Each piece, mini-log, to attach with glue to the wall. Filled with one of the corners of the room, set the dining table there - it was a cozy place for family gatherings. For this work, it is preferable to use pine, the wood of which has a beautiful structure.

Not everything turns out right away. But if you never start creating, how to know that nature has endowed with a wonderful ability - to see the beauty and create it with your own hands.

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