Preparation for the New Year is not onlyendless shopping trips in search of special gastronomic delicacies to the festive table, original gizmos for gifts to relatives and friends, stunning toilets for the most magical evening of the year. Those who have kids of different ages are preoccupied with another serious problem: carnival costumes for kindergarten and school matinees.


King's costume for a boy
So that you have at least one point lesscause for concern, in this article, we together will think and decide how you can sew or make from the available tools for the King's costume for the boy. What good is this outfit? It is equally suitable for a 4-5 year old kid and a teenage boy from 12 to 14. That is, all mothers with sons, starting from the middle group of the kindergarten and ending with the 7th grade of secondary school, can learn a lot of useful information and take advantage of the proposed ideas. After all, the king's costume for the boy is an ideal variant of a really bright, elegant, spectacular apparel. In the romantic image of a young monarch your child will be comfortable, comfortable, pleasant. And many of its details you will successfully apply for the next carnival show.

The principle of analogy

king's costume
Agree that the king's suit for the boyreally similar to the costumes of the musketeer, pirate, cat in boots, Marquis of Karabas. They need white shirts or blouses, lacy manicons and cuffs, capes, and boots. Thus, by making one version of the New Year's "outfit", you can continue to use the available developments. So it turns out that the costume of the king for the boy is the ideal solution to the problem with the carnival costume in general for several years to come.

Think, discuss, offer

carnival costumes
Of course, the simplest option is to buy everythingnecessary accessories in a regular store or order online. But after all, and selected by the size of the thing often still have to adjust to a specific figure, and it sits not always right. Therefore, let's try to do the king's costume with our own hands. Its components: usual black trousers or sewn pantaloons, you can knickers to the knees or the middle of the calves, seized below the elastic bands and trimmed with lace. White shirt, as an option - my mother's or sister's blouse with a long sleeve. It should be quite spacious, with the allowance, therefore, especially it is possible and not to suture, as it will be refilled in trousers. If the costume of the king, sewed with his own hands, you make with short trousers, you should take care of white golf (for a young child fit and pantyhose) and shoes with buckles or high boots. Plus, of course, a mantle (cape cape), a crown or a hat with a plume, a sword on the belt or a sling.

Getting Started with Shoes

New Year's costume of a king for a boy
Homemade carnival costumes, as a rule,special difficulty is caused when it comes to shoes. With girls, however, it is easier in this matter. But for the guys, he also decide. Royal shoes can be black or dark brown. If they are old, have seen species, you can shine by gluing gold or silver foil - of course, this is for the king from the kindergarten. Be sure to make a large buckle. You can use a flexible wire, making workpieces, which then wrapped in a golden cloth and attached to the shoes. If royal carnival costumes require boots, we suggest doing so. Bring winter shoes (we are talking about boots and half-boots, since other kinds do not fit) of your child to the ideal purity and gloss, the available scrapes and other defects mask the cream or vaccine. From the cardboard cut out the lapels, as in the boots. Paint with silver or bronze paint and fasten on the son's boots. You can do this with a double-sided tape.

We work with a cape

carnival costume
New Year's costume of a king for a boy without a capecan not be. Sew it, too, can be different. This is either a long (almost to the toe) cloak-cloak, trimmed over the collar, the floors and the bottom of the "ermine", or short, to the middle of the thighs. The color of the mantle can be blue, blue, red. As a rule, it should coincide with the coloring of the trousers. You can even use the same material - velvet, dense curtain silk or satin. The main condition - to look a cloak should be rich, elegantly. Dimensions of the panel - about 1-1.5 meters by 2. After making a pattern and cutting the material into blanks, with your hands or a machine, stitch the mantle, sew the trim. Instead of fur, a white edging is suitable, which can be corrected with a black felt-tip pen, causing "specks". It is such a cloak from most fabulous monarchs from the movies. If the mother can sew, at the same time there is some spare time, the mantle can still be decorated with a fir-tree rain, so that it gives more shine to his majesty, because it is the carnival costume of the king!

A few words about the crown

children's king's suit
Here, already no one should arisedifficulties. To make a royal crown - which could be easier! Take a sheet of cardboard of this width, so that he could hold his head in reserve. Select the height of your own. Draw a simple pencil cogs, trying to be the same. And cut out the workpiece. Connect the ends in a circle with paper clips or glue. Color the crown with bronze paint or glue with foil. To suit the children's king was more "regal" appearance, on the headdress, paste beads, rhinestones or pieces of rain. If you are more suitable for a wide-brimmed hat or a royal beret, take care to decorate them with a large brooch and feathers - enough for a beret and one, for a hat you need a plume more. You can buy feathers in the sewing accessories store. Or instead of them you can use a magnificent Christmas tree rain. The latter is even preferable, since it corresponds more to the New Year's entourage.

How to make a sword

For a sword you need quite a long, not less than a meter,a wooden rack or a window bead. They should be rather thinly stripped, cleaned with sandpaper and painted with silver. As a handle, an ordinary tin can or a plastic can fit. They will need to be "ennobled" with the help of foil and rain. If there are no wooden materials, pick up the steel wire rod and wrap it with silver foil. True, both types of swords are not entirely desirable for kings from kindergarten or primary school. For them, parents can this symbol of noble honor to cut out all of the same cardboard. To prevent the sword from wrinkling and accidentally break, make two identical blanks and glue together. Handle also cardboard. And paint all the usual gouache paints.

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