All the guys who served in the army know thatEveryone must have a so-called demobilical album in memory of the years of service. What is it, and also how it is possible to make a dubbling album with their own hands step by step - about all this and want to tell.

dembelskie albums own hands

Some rules

First of all, it is necessary to understand what isthis, in fact, is. So, the demobilization album is an unofficial document about the soldier's time in the service. And it's not just a thick notebook with pasted photos. By itself, the album can even be called a work of art, a certain book, so unique that the second is just as easy to find. It is created for one person. Beginning to do your demobilization album is necessary approximately 100 days before the order, that is, three months before you leave the service. What can be useful for this? The cover is very important. For her, in the old manner, take a red velvet fabric. However, it was considered smart to make a cover made of cloth, which goes to the officer's overcoat. Today you can do also from the usual spotty khaki-fabric. The pages themselves should be thick, of cardboard. Often they, as well as before, shift the tracing paper so that the photographs do not stick together and the pictures do not deteriorate. You can draw anything - with pencils, felt-tip pens, paints, you can even use a pen or a simple pencil. Also, a foil is needed to paste the inscriptions.

Dembelsky album with my own hands

Who is doing?

It is worth saying that the Dembelskie albumsNot all soldiers do it by hand. Often do them ask people who write beautifully or draw. After all, the album should turn out not only memorable, but also cute. Several people can be involved in this action, there is nothing wrong with this. However, it is better that they are service people, not civilians. To present a ready-made Dembel album with your own hands to a girl's favorite is not a good idea. It should also be said that according to the unspoken rules of the service, the most valuable is the album to which the demon himself has not even touched. He is given as a gift at the end of the service. And as a reward, the fighters who created it can sometimes not go to dresses or sleep a little longer.

a self-made album

The most important thing

So, are there rules how to createdembelskie albums with their own hands, what should I do for this? It is important to say that there are no rules in this matter. Only fantasy is needed. Also, in the beginning, you need to decide what you want to see in the album and reproduce all this. For example, Dembel albums created by their own hands, can "tell" about life in the army (how it all began and how it ended), can simply describe the most memorable days, maybe even a diary, a soldier's dream of returning to the civilian as soon as possible. Here, every employee chooses himself, what he wants to see in the end.


Today you can, of course, buy already readyalbum of a demo and paste some photos into it, and also write a couple of interesting stories. But it's just not interesting. So, it's best to do everything from beginning to end. Dembelskie albums, made with their own hands, are most often created from cardboard, their pages should be strong and it is normal to keep what is pasted on them. Previously, they are also covered with varnish, and between the leaves is laid paper-tracing paper. It's also worth pointing out that it's quite difficult to paint on a varnish in a standard way, so toothbrushes and needles can be used to spray paint (today the varnish of a page is covered quite seldom, since the design of an album in this situation is a very difficult and laborious work). Also pages can be tightened with a silk ribbon. The cover of the album is covered with a cloth, then it is chased. It is fastened all in the old fashion, with big bolts.

a self-made album

What could be in the album?

So, what could be in the album? First of all these are photographs. They are the ones who tell the best about the hardships of the army service. Put them must necessarily in chronological order, so you can view the entire path of the fighter from "spirit" to "grandfather." However, it should be said that it is not so easy to collect photos about the service. After all, they can, in addition to fighters, also display secret military objects or parts thereof, which is prohibited. Therefore, often the command of units conducts searches with a search of personal belongings, so that such photos appear as little as possible. Also on the first pages can be placed the order on the draft, on the last - on demobilization. Also good are the drawings that tell about the army service, various caricatures. Also in the album are placed various songs, poems, phrases, which became soldier during the service family. Well, a mandatory item is a special symbolism. For example, the created self-made album (VDV) can be decorated with parachutes. It is also necessary to indicate the type of troops in which the soldier served, where it took place, how long it took.

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