If you decide to learn how to weave bracelets fromgum on the slingshot, you should start with simple options. Even the easiest ways to create beautiful and effective jewelry. Try to make products one-color and with contrasting combinations, with beads, wide and narrow. Look for your style. Create fashionable things with your own hands.

bracelets of rubber bands on the slingshot

What is required for work

If you decide to weave bracelets made of rubber bands on the slingshot, prepare the following:

  • mini-machine, consisting of two bars;
  • gums of suitable shades;
  • hook for easy operation;
  • plastic clasps.

This is all you need, and instead of the slingshot you canuse even your fingers, if there is no hook - it does not matter, but choose the colors of the rubber bands, depending on the weaving pattern. Some products look impressive even from rubber bands of the same shade.

How to weave bracelets from rubber bands on a slingshot

If we talk about general principles, then workalways begins with the placement of one twisted gadget on both sides of the slingshot. The weaving ends, as a rule, by the fact that the rubber band is placed on both horns without twisting, and all the loops on both columns drop to the center. Then, the remaining loops formed by the last elastic band are thrown to one bar and removed on the clip-clip. The same is done with the first loop of the weave. The rest of the work is done according to a specific pattern scheme. Usually similar actions are carried out on each column in turn. This technology is used, in general terms. To understand how to weave bracelets from rubber bands on a slingshot of a particular kind, you need to follow the appropriate instructions. Choose your favorite, combine different colors. After all, even on the basis of one scheme, you can create different designs for decoration.

Simple options

The most basic bracelets made of rubber bands on the slingshot can be made without complicated instructions.

how to weave bracelets from rubber bands on a slingshot
Try this method:

  1. The first rubber band twist eight and put on both horns slingshot.
  2. Put on the second similarly, but without crossing.
  3. Throw off the loops of the bottom gum through the tops of the posts to the center.
  4. Repeat the previous two steps to the desired length.
  5. Fasten the weave by gently snapping the last two loops for the clasp-clip.
  6. Also do the same with the first elastic band in the bracelet, fastening the fasteners on the other side.

By the way, instead of just rubber bands that are wornon the bars without crossing, you can use elastic bands with strung beads. It will look original. To put on a bead on an elastic band it is possible by means of a slice of a wire or a thread with a needle.

braiding of bracelets from rubber bands on a slingshot

"Fish tail"

Weaving bracelets from rubber bands on a slingshot is an interesting and fairly simple occupation. To perform this kind of decoration, work like this:

  1. Take two or more shades of gum. Use them will need to take turns.
  2. Put on the first elastic band on both horns, twisting it with a figure eight.
  3. The second rubber band of the next color is put on both horns without twisting.
  4. The third elastic band of one more shade or the same as the first, put on both horns without crossing.
  5. Tear off the right and left lower tabs through the tophorn to the middle in any sequence (for example, first on the right side), put the next elastic on both posts without crossing and repeat the same way to the desired length.
  6. To fix the product, it is enough to transfer the last stitches from two posts to one, and then carefully attach the crochet to the clasp-clip.

All is ready.

how to brace a bracelet from rubber bands on a slingshot

French spit

Weave bracelets from rubber bands on a slingshot in this way should be done like this:

  1. Take the rubber bands of two different colors 1 and 2. When weaving, they will alternate one after another.
  2. Put on an elastic band 1, twisted by a figure-eight, on both bars of the slingshot.
  3. Place the rubber band 2 on both horns, but without twisting.
  4. Again, gum 1 put on without twisting.
  5. Tear off one lower loop on each of the horns to the middle.
  6. Put the elastic band 2 on both columns without twisting.
  7. From the right column, discard to the middle the middle loop, and from the left - the lower one.
  8. Next in turn put on different bandscolors, and between these actions repeat the previous step, or similarly, or mirror, that is, if on the horn after putting on the gum of the next color, the middle turns out to be contrasting to the upper and lower, then it is removed to the middle, and on the column where the middle and bottom are the same , it drops to the middle of the bottom.
  9. Weaving is carried out to the desired length andis fixed by folding the loops of the lower gum up to the middle and then tossing the upper loops onto one bar and engaging the clip-fastener element.

bracelets from elastics on a slingshot slingshot

Bracelets made of rubber bands on the slingshot: "The Spit of the Mermaid"

  1. Take the gums of the two contrasting colors 1 and 2. Turn the slingshot to be recesses to yourself.
  2. Put on both columns a g-string twisted by the eight.
  3. On the right horn place the twisted elastic band 2.
  4. Put on each column one more elastic 1 without twisting. Color 2 will correspond to the middle of the bracelet, and 1 - the lateral braiding of the central part.
  5. Take the hook and pass it through the center of the ring of twisted double rubber band, placed on the right horn, pull out the bottom loop and fold it to the middle between the posts.
  6. On the left horn, also put on an elastic band 2.
  7. Place rubber bands 1 on both columns without twisting.
  8. Pass the hook through the double rubber band on the left column, pick up the bottom tabs and discard both to the middle of the slingshot.
  9. Go back to the right horn: place the double rubber band 2 and another 1 on both posts without twisting. Also crochet through the double ring, thread the bottom bands and discard them to the center of the slingshot.
  10. In fact, you've already learned how to weave a bracelet made of rubber bands on a slingshot called "The Mermaid's Spit", because then all the actions are repeated in the same sequence to the desired length of the product.
  11. To complete the weaving, put the untwisted rubber band 1 on both posts.
  12. Pull off all the loops from both horns to the center.
  13. The remaining two loops are placed on one horn (on the right or left).
  14. Carefully hook both loops and hook them behind the plastic clip-fastener.
  15. Attach the second side of the fastening element to the first loop.

bracelets from elastics on a slingshot slingshot

The product is ready. You can try it on.

As you can see, weave bracelets of rubber bands on the slingshotit's quite simple. Even on the basis of one scheme of work it is possible to create different beautiful and spectacular products. Try, practice, create jewelry yourself.

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