After a long operation, the tire became unusable. What to do with it? To throw out? Not necessary. It can be used to decorate a country plot or a courtyard.

Crafts for caravans

In the Soviet era, this material found a wideapplication: springboard, swings and much more. If a little dream up and make efforts, crafts made of tires, plastic bottles can become a real masterpiece.

Crafts for caravans
The tires themselves are well suited for laying flowerbeds, decorative beds. For this, they only need to be painted in bright colors.

Crafts made of tires. Instructions

To create a composition you need to stock upsome tires, white, red, blue paint (you can use other colors, at your discretion), as well as brushes and knives. So, for the manufacture of a flowerpot, it is necessary to make a cut on the wide part of the tire along the whole diameter, but not a straight line, but a zigzag. Then the tire needs to be turned inside out. Now the usual tire has turned into a blossoming flower, its support is a disc pad. Such a vase can not only be covered with earth, but also turned into a small pond. Pre-crafting of tires for dacha with their own hands should be painted on both sides. Then just pour in the water and place the decorative stones inside.

podeoki from the tires of plastic bottles

Crafts made from tires for dachas can alsoserve practical purposes. For example, from 4 tires you can make a table with chairs. To do this, we place glass in one of them, and three others screw it with screws. They will both be chairs and legs. The seats can be sewn soft pads.

Decorating the site with handicrafts made of plastic bottles,you can get an ever flowering garden. After all, such representatives of the flora just do not fade. If you cut off the bottom (or neck) of the bottle and cut it to the base, you will get a pretty flower. The shape of its petals can be changed. There is little advice: it is better to paint the entire bottle before it is cut. If you have enough time, you can design a whole palm tree. From the same material and on the same principle, they make cute and funny little animals.

For example, a 5-liter bottle producesa beautiful piglet that plays the role of a flower bed. To do this, cut out a square in the middle, fill the soil, sow different flowers. The surface of the bottle is painted with a gently pink color. Instead of a pig, you can make a hedgehog. To do this, you must first sew up his face and put it on the lid. Instead of flowers, the soil should be sown with lawn grass, which will imitate the animal's needles.

handmade articles from tires instruction
And you can turn the fence into a real blossominghedge. To do this, the usual 1.5 liter bottle is removed bottom and painted on both sides with white acrylic paint. The center is highlighted in yellow. If you nail these flowers on each fence board, it will look much more fun.

So crafts from tires for a summer residence with the hands become original ornaments. Any products created independently are unique, they create a cozy atmosphere, raise the mood.

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