Now users of bank cards are activemake various translations. This is due to the convenience of the service. You can send money at any time of day. Non-cash transfer by SMS is available to Sberbank customers. It is enough to know the phone number or the card of the recipient. The transfer of money in the Savings Bank is reliable, so many people choose it.

Types of translations

There are 2 types of transfers in Sberbank:

  1. Without a bank account. Money is sent to the recipient in the bank branch.
  2. From contribution to contribution.

how to transfer money to a savings bank via SMS

Now non-cash transfers from the card are in demandon the map. This procedure is performed in several ways. "Sberbank-online" allows you to make many financial transactions. Login to the system is performed using one-time passwords for security purposes. Through your private office you can perform various operations: transfers to other people, payment of loans, utilities. You can set up auto payments to recharge your phone.

Pros of non-cash transfers

Sberbank offers its customers the following benefits:

  • speed of translation;
  • only the phone number of the recipient is required;
  • the funds can be transferred at any time without visiting the bank.

non-cash transfer by SMS

The main thing is to carefully enter the data to send the transfer. Moreover, the system provides the opportunity for this by confirming the data with a SMS message, so such transfers are safe.


Bank cards have become a part of a person's life. Thanks to them, many monetary transactions and purchases take place. Send money to Sberbank via SMS by card or phone number is very simple. It is enough to perform simple actions. Only the service is provided on the following terms:

  1. The cards of the recipient and the sender must be connected to the Mobile Bank. This is done with the help of an ATM, an online bank. You can contact the office or call the help desk.
  2. The account must have the required amount.
  3. You can not send money to your phone number.
  4. The card must be a debit card. Credit, corporate and virtual services do not.
  5. Money is transferred only in rubles.
  6. How much money can be transferred via SMS to Sberbank? For a day you will be able to perform operations no more than 10 times and for an amount not exceeding 8 thousand rubles.

How to transfer money to Sberbank via SMS? You can do this with a phone number or a card. Both methods are safe and convenient, you only need to consider the limitations.

By card number

How to transfer money to Sberbank via SMS by card number? It is necessary to perform the following actions:

  1. In the section "To send" it is necessary to designate 900.
  2. In the line of the text it is necessary to write: "TRANSLATION 1234 (last 4 digits of the beneficiary's card) 4000 (amount).

SMS to number 900 is delivered quickly. You need to wait for the receipt of an alert, in which to enter the code and requisites of the recipient. It is necessary to check the information. If everything is correct, then you need to write the code with the "#" symbol at the beginning. The operation is performed quickly, after which both parties receive SMS with transfer / withdrawal of funds.

SMS to number 900

If an error has been made in the card number, andfunds went to an unknown destination, you can not cancel the procedure. In this case, you need to contact the recipient by calling his phone. Probably, it will turn out to solve this problem.

By phone number

How to transfer money to Sberbank via SMS by phone number? There is also a special procedure for this. In the text it is necessary to write:

  1. "TRANSFER".
  2. Phone number.
  3. Amount.

Between the data spaces are put. If several cards are issued, Sberbank offers a convenient service that allows you to disable the possibility of transferring funds to one of the cards without templates. In this case, too, the number 900 is used. In the team, designate the word of choice - "zero" / "zero" / "null".

The client receives SMS and access to a fasttransfers of funds. To return all in their place, you need to contact the call center. If you send money to Sberbank via SMS, then this will be a safe procedure. Number 900 is available to all operators.


How to transfer money to Sberbank via SMS, ifNeed to quickly perform the operation? If translations are often made to specific persons, then a simplified system can be connected. For the recipient you need to come up with a name that is attached to his phone number.

send money via sms sberbank by number

The number 900 is sent the message «NAME1000000000 IRA ", where the numbers are the phone number. After that you need to transfer funds by sending "IRA 500". After this, you can regularly transfer funds without the constant input of money. How much money can I transfer via SMS? The daily limit is not more than 8,000 rubles.

Personal Area

To transfer funds you need:

  1. Visit your account.
  2. Click on "Payments and transfers", and then select Sberbank.

A new page will be opened on whichyou must fill in the information. It indicates the methods by which the funds are transferred (phone number, account or card). You must select a convenient method by filling out important information.


With the help of your card you can quickly transfer funds:

  1. Visit the translation section.
  2. Select "transfer of funds".
  3. Enter the card or account number.
  4. Check the information.
  5. Click "Confirm".

how much money can you transfer via SMS?

After that, a card and a check will be provided, which must be kept before enrollment. Funds are transferred very quickly.


Sometimes SMS comes: "The operation is not performed." The reason for rejection may be the absence of a connected service from the recipient or it is not in the templates. Transfers on the card through the phone can be conducted with a commission.

Recommendations for non-cash transfers

  1. It is better to use convenient and mobile translations with the help of online services.
  2. If you need to transfer funds on a long trip, you need to connect "Sberbank-Online", "Mobile Bank". There is also a mobile application.
  3. If you replenish the card or account in another country, then a commission will be charged. The size of it should be specified in advance.

Drawing up a card

To make transfers, you need to issue a card. It should be the recipient. The characteristics of the card include:

  1. Logos of Visa or MasterCard.
  2. You can open in rubles, euros and dollars.
  3. It is provided for 3 years, after which the re-registration is required.
  4. Service costs 900 rubles in 1 year, and then 600 rubles.
  5. You can purchase additional cards.

Can issue plastic may adult citizenThe Russian Federation. You can receive the card at the bank branch. There is an opportunity to order it with your design. You need to take your passport with you. The office will be asked to fill out the application. It will be required to sign papers for the bank product.

send money via sms sberbank

The manufacturing takes 7-45 days. This term includes transportation. When the card is ready, the client is notified of this. With the receipt a contract is signed with which a PIN is issued. The Savings Bank card has many advantages. At any time, you can send money to others.

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