Many are wondering where to look at the tax onproperty of individuals. This question began to worry the population in Russia quite recently. In the light of recent changes, most citizens have not received a receipt for payment of property tax. Hence a little panic. After all, with the receipt of payments, there were no problems. What are the possible solutions to the problem? What will help you learn about the debt or the existence of an unpaid property tax? The best advice and recommendations on this matter will be presented later. The modern population is offered many ways of obtaining information.

where to look at the tax on property of individuals

Term of payment

To begin with, it is worth examining what the term of payment of the tax on the property of individuals. Perhaps, citizens are in vain afraid and panic because of confusion with payments? The existence of debts is not enough for anyone.

The time limit for the payment of personal property tax in2016 in Russia - until December 1, inclusive. It is up to this point that the payment is not a debt. Afterwards, the penalty will begin to accrue, as well as problems with the tax authorities. So you have to ask about the availability and amount of property debts. In fact, it's easier to get this information than it seems.

Waiting and new rules

Where can I see the tax on property of individuals? It was already said that in 2016 new rules were adopted in Russia. If you believe the innovations, then all citizens should come with special payments. Usually they are sent out until November. But no later than 30 days before the expiry of the debt.

term of payment of personal property tax

So what's the change? Part of the population will think about the question, because they will not receive receipts by mail. The established rules now provide for the virtual distribution of payments. Such documents will come to those who registered on the portal "State Service". It is there that information on the debts of a citizen will be kept.

Accordingly, first it is necessary or to remember, there iswhether the "Services" account, or just wait a bit. It will not be necessary to count anything - all calculations are made by the tax authorities. Therefore, the citizen will receive a payment with the exact amount of payment.

Methods of checking the debt

And now a little bit about where to useInternet is offered to find information on tax payments. It is this technology that helps to solve the task without any special problems. The main advantage of the proposed methods is the possibility of instant payment of a debt. Also, services often offer online payment.

fns russia personal property tax

Among the most popular solutions to the problem, the following methods are distinguished:

  1. Use of the site "Federal Tax Service of Russia". The tax on the property of individuals can be calculated and displayed on the screen by filling in information on real estate. For example, by introducing a cadastral number. Simply and easily. Registration process does not require.
  2. Portal "State Service". If a person has a profile, then information about the need to pay property tax will be displayed in the letters. Otherwise, using the TIN and information about the payer, you can get all the relevant information on tax arrears by using the built-in service functions. The right component is called - "Checking debts due to individuals' taxes".
  3. Site "Payment of public services". The man thought about where to look at the tax on the property of individuals? You can use this portal. On the main page you need to click "Tax Check", then dial the requested data and wait for the search results.

Perhaps these are the most common options. You can also personally go to the tax service or call there for information about property taxes.

About calculations

It should be noted that from 2016 onwardsRussia has new rules regarding the calculation of property taxes. Now the amount of payment will depend on the cadastral value of the property. Such a measure, as citizens say, will increase tax collection. Many people want to calculate the approximate amount of payment.

example of calculating the personal property tax

It is not difficult to do this. An example of calculating the tax on property of individuals can be seen on the website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia. And in the same place the calculator for automatic calculation of the requested data is offered. You need to enter the cadastral number of the property, the corresponding cost and set other parameters. At the end click on "Calculate" and wait for the results. The corresponding number appears on the screen. Without this calculator, counting is not recommended. Now it is clear where to look at the tax on the property of individuals.

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