Most recently millions of citizens of our country inbewilderment wrinkled forehead when mentioning a mortgage loan. What is it and what does it eat? In which bank is it better to take a mortgage and whether to take risks, getting involved in an "adventure"? Or is there a risk of being driven into a debt hole, from which you can not escape? And maybe this is the chance that many have been waiting for many years? Now when mentioning a mortgage loan, heated discussions begin with a huge number of arguments in favor of a particular program. Which bank is better to take a mortgage? Where is the low interest rate? Well, today buying an apartment in a mortgage has become the most optimal option, since real estate in Moscow is very expensive, and you can buy housing only in this way. Unless, of course, you are an oligarch. Then the popularity of the mortgage loan spread to St. Petersburg, and from there to smaller regions. After the arrival of such popularity, the question arises: "In which bank to take a mortgage?" In the old proven Sberbank? Or is it better to contact more "young" institutions?

which bank is better to take a mortgage

Which bank is better to take a mortgage?

Naturally, having determined the solution, it is necessarycarefully choose a bank that will provide you with a loan program. Of course, Sberbank's mortgage will be more convenient and the best option, but in order to get it, you need to fulfill a lot of conditions and meet a huge number of requirements that the bank's management makes to its potential borrowers. This is not surprising, because in Sberbank the lowest interest rates and the most favorable loan conditions.

which bank is better to take a mortgage
If you can not get a mortgage inSberbank, do not despair! Ask the question "which bank is better to take a mortgage" to friends. After all, there are also such sharks of mortgage lending as DeltaCredit or Raiffeisenbank. They have interest rates higher, but not such a long list of requirements. At the moment there are two main types of offers on the market: mortgage for the purchase of secondary housing and a loan for the purchase of an apartment in a newly built house.
in which bank to take a mortgage

Some nuances of mortgage lending

We must not forget about the initial fee,which is required by all banking organizations without exception. Not so long ago it was about 30 percent, which was almost impossible for ordinary citizens of Russia. In addition, if you add high monthly interest to this figure, the picture turned out to be bad. Fortunately, this figure decreased, which affected the increased popularity of mortgage lending. The minimum term of a mortgage is three years, the maximum term can reach thirty years. Now there are a lot of different banks that offer their lending terms, so buying an apartment becomes as real as buying a washing machine. So do not hesitate, ask friends and friends: "In which bank is it better to take a mortgage?". From a huge variety of credit programs, you will find exactly the one that suits you best.

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