As you know, investments are a separateeconomic category, focused on expanding production. It is worth noting that they are largely able to influence the macroeconomic indicators of any country, especially with the forms of market economy. An important aspect in the development of the economy of any state can without doubt be considered investment activity, which has its own characteristics in different countries, but also a certain number of general, rather important regularities.

The impact of the crisis on investment in Russia

It is not a secret to anyone thatthe impact of the global crisis in the most unfavorable manner on investment projects in our country, both at the micro level and on a macroeconomic scale, moreover, it can be said that the financing of many projects has been frozen for some time. As a solution to the existing problem, one can consider the possibility of changing the structure of such a global concept as an investment strategy of the country. Naturally, all this should be aimed at changing the basic relationship between the so-called consumption and accumulation funds on the scale of the entire national income.

An interesting fact is that, according tostatistical calculations in the country there is an increase in the rate of accumulation, in fact, which is what any investment strategy of the state is aimed at. But this view from a practical point of view is certainly not true. The reason for this is the work of many enterprises, as they say, in the warehouse. Thus, the accumulation takes into account. In practice, there is a reduction in consumption and production. It is worthwhile to understand that the more or less tangible welfare of the people can be achieved solely by increasing the national income. As a consequence, it is necessary to ensure the growth of national income through a phased increase in production efficiency. Thus, the basic investment strategy of Russia should be focused on strengthening the efficiency of the economy in order to increase production savings in real terms. At the same time, the accumulation fund, which is part of the overall national income, must balance at the level that the economy itself is capable of mastering, but at the same time preserving the scientific and technical potential of the country's development.

Distribution of investments by industry

As the analysis of what has evolved in practicesituation in the country, most of the incoming investments are oriented to industry. However, the investment strategy for some reason does not focus on the development of agriculture and the construction industry. It is clear that in the context of reducing investment flows, priority is the development of industries that have the maximum capital return. At the same time, it is important to remember that each of the industries, even promising in terms of capital investment, has its own sub-sectors, which, in turn, can be classified as those that can include the investment policy of the state, and, accordingly, unpromising in times of crisis directions. For this reason, Russia's investment strategy should not be built on the so-called sectoral principle, since such an approach is a mirror image of the industry economy, not the most effective, as shown by practice. It is worth emphasizing the development of market relations, developing and subsidizing private entrepreneurship, especially in the production of real material goods.

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