There are many people who want to live not in the centerMoscow, and beyond, although in the immediate vicinity. Advantages here are obvious - clean, not polluted by industrial emissions and exhaust gases, chic nature around, calm, measured life. LCD "Irish Quarter" is being built to make these dreams of Muscovites a reality. In fact, it is the second stage of a single project called the "Erin Island", which means "an island in Ancient Ireland". The first stage has already been commissioned, people live there. Let's see what this tempting eco-project really looks like, and compare it to what sales managers offer us.


In 2012, it was decided to increaseThe territory of Moscow by means of administrative connection of some settlements. These lands are now called New Moscow. LCD "Irish Quarter" - the original complex, being built in the Troitsky district near the village of Raevo. Residents will find here true solitude and absolute harmony with nature. A tenth of a meter from the future of the LCD flows the Pakhra River. Around in a radius of 4 km, only small villages, where strength is typed two or three dozen residents. In addition to Raevo, this is Sofino, Podisinki, Polyanka, Krasnoye. 4 km from the complex passes the Kaluga route. From the fork to the MKAD 24 km, to Podolsk 15 km, to Troitsk 11 km. For motorists, going to the track will not cause trouble, because on the road there are no traffic jams ever. Kaluga highway is now expanding, so that soon there will be no problems with traffic jams.

 Irish Quarter

By public transport from Moscow to the LCD can be reached by minibus № 1015, 508 or 882, departing from the metro station "Teply Stan".

Another way to get to Raivo is to take the train to Podolsk. They ply in the morning until 11 pm. Arriving in the city, change to minibus number 1032 or 1024 and follow up to the LCD.

The time it will take to travel by public transport is more than an hour.


The magical nature is, perhaps, the most significantplus LCD "Irish Quarter". There are no harmful industries within a radius of two dozen kilometers. From the complex in a couple of tens of meters the river Pakhra flows, where you can fish in summer, and in winter you can skate. Near a small forest. There are meadows and fields all around. The only ecologically unfavorable place is the exit road leading to the Kaluga route. But although the buildings of the Irish Quarter are not built close to it, the congestion of this transport artery is still very small.

Irish Quarter LCD Reviews


Corps LCD "Irish Quarter" are built onauthor's project. There will be 5 four-storey houses, arranged so that hexagons are formed. Each house has a different number of sections:

  • in number 1 there will be 4;
  • in number 2-5;
  • in № 3 - 7;
  • in No. 4-5;
  • in No. 5 there are 9 sections.

Each separately from above reminds a leafletclover. On all floors in the common corridors, diverging rays from the center of such "leaflets," there will be 8-12 apartments. On the first floors it is planned to equip a room for wheelchairs and an elevator.

The decoration of the buildings will be large panoramic windows, French balconies, combinations of bright colors of external walls. Loggias and balconies are not planned by the developer.

Irish Quarter LCD prices


Since the Irish Quarter is onlysmall villages and cottages of recently leased and yet uncomfortable LCD "Island Erin", the construction of infrastructure for residents of both complexes is the main issue. So far, except for the buildings and a small children's playground, the builder has not built anything, but plans include the construction of a kindergarten, a school and a shopping center. In the courtyards of the Irish Quarter sports grounds, areas for walking and rest, places with carousels, slides and swings for children's games should be created. The entire infrastructure is planned to be put into operation by 2019. At the moment there is a shop near the complex. The school and kindergarten are 4.5 km away in the village of Krasnaya Pakhra, as well as in Troitsk. Here and the nearest dispensary. Parking in the LCD "Irish Quarter" from the developer is scheduled on the ground. Yards, according to the company, will be fenced and protected, with video cameras installed. At the moment, security in the form of a barrier with a checkpoint is only at the entrance to the village.


The buildings of the complex "Irishsky Quarter"are erected on monolithic technology. The external walls here will be three-layered (expanded clay panels - insulation - fiber cement panels). The internal partitions will be made brick, and the partitions of the "wet zones" are made of expanded block cement blocks.

Types of apartments:

  • one-room area (S) from 35 m2 up to 45 m2;
  • two-room S = from 55 m2 up to 66 m2;
  • three-room S = from 73 m2 up to 85 m2.

Irish Quarter LCD Developer

The layout of the apartments is non-standard, there are rooms in the form of a trapezoid. Ceilings are everywhere 2.75 meters. Kitchen area from 7.5 to 12 m2. Hallways can be with or without dressing.

In each apartment a gas boiler is installed,which will enable residents to regulate heating at their discretion. Rent housing is planned without finishing and without wiring sewage and water pipes.

Irish Quarter, LCD: prices

The cost of housing in the complex corresponds to the declared class "economy" and is from 53 000 rubles. per square meter.

The following banks work for this project:

  • TransCapitalBank.
  • "VTB."
  • "VTB 24".
  • "MetallinvestBank".
  • "SNGS".
  • The Yenisei.
  • "MetallinvestBank".
  • "Revival".
  • «DeltaCredit».
  • «AKB Russian capital».
  • Globex.
  • PromSotsbank.

The conditions for taking a mortgage are different. Loans are issued for a period of 20 to 30 years, a down payment from 0% (MetallinvestBank, TransCapitalBank) to 40% (Vozrozhdenie, VTB, VTB 24), interest rate from 9.75% (" PromSotsBank ") to 14% (" Metallinvestbank ").

Possible registration of a mortgage with the use of parent capital.

The company "Sofino-70" periodically arranges shares for its clients. The last is dedicated to Valentine's Day and consists of a discount of up to 300 thousand rubles.

New Moscow Zhk Irish Quarter


"Irish Quarter" - LCD, the developer of which -the company "Софьино-70". In the market of housing construction it since 2007. Information about the company is very small. It is known only that it performs all the work independently - from the design of a new object to its implementation. At the moment, "Sophy-70" has two projects - the already commissioned LCD "Island Erin" and the adjacent LCD "Irish Quarter". As for the first object, customer feedback about the company's work is mixed. Pros: people call:

  • good design in general;
  • good layout of apartments;
  • professionalism of managers.

Cons notes are these:

  • delay in the delivery terms for almost a year (instead of the III quarter of 2014, they were handed over in the third quarter of 2015);
  • long registration of cadastral documents (by May 2016);
  • lack of infrastructure in the complex;
  • too expensive utilities.

LCD Irish quarter from the builder

Course of construction

The plan will be given in three stagesThe Irish Quarter. LCD, the feedback of co-investors about which people desire to move quickly to such a wonderful place, is being built at a satisfactory rate.

House number 1 should be handed over in the II quarter. current year. Now the builders have completed the foundation and are engaged in the erection of floors.

Houses 2 and 5 will be put into operation in IIIsq. m. 2017 th. In January, the builders began erecting the first floor of the house number 2. Given that the housing in the LCD is only four floors, there is a high probability that the company will not break the terms.

When the whole complex is completed, there is no exact information yet.

reviews LCD Irish Quarter prices

Opinion of co-investors and investors

Has positive and even enthusiastic reviews of the LCDThe Irish Quarter. Prices and location of this complex are very attractive. In addition, the LCD falls in love with its exclusive appearance and thoughtful planning of the territory. Many people also like that there will not be many floors in the buildings, and individual gas boilers will be installed in the apartments.

But apart from the obvious pluses, this project has some disadvantages:

  • there is no planned infrastructure in the second turn of delivery;
  • distance from the infrastructure in the area;
  • there are layouts of apartments with small kitchens;
  • There is no glazing of loggias and balconies.
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