Telephone companies are keeping pace with the times, expanding the list of their services and capabilities. One of them is MTS.

replenish another subscriber's account
There are different situations in life. It happens that the balance on the phone is zero, that is, there is not a penny, but urgently you need to call. It happens that you need to replenish the account of another MTS subscriber, and there are no terminals or ATMs nearby. Of course, MTS can not ignore such unforeseen situations, warning them and providing a list of functions for such cases.

New opportunities

Here are a few answers to the question of how to replenish the balance on MTS:

  1. You were left without money. In this case, you can ask friends to put you money on the phone account as follows. You dial on your mobile phone a combination * 116 * number of the subscriber # call (the number of the subscriber is the number of the friend who will receive a request from you and he will be able to transfer some of his funds to your account). The service is called "Refill my account."
  2. You intend to replenish the account of another MTS subscriber. Then type the following combination of keys: * 111 * 7 #. Then choose "Direct Transfer" and then follow the menu items for making a payment to a friend's number. The amount transferred by you should be indicated in rubles, but not more than 300. Upon termination of the done operations you will receive an SMS with confirmation or rejection of the service. In case of rejection, you will be sent the reason for the refusal, possibly, this incorrect filling of the request and so on.
  3. how to replenish the account of another subscriber mts
    The following method is analogous to the above, forwith some exceptions. In order to make it possible to replenish the account of another MTS subscriber, dial * 112 * the number of the friend without the figure-eight (at whose expense you withdraw the funds from your MTS account) * amount # call. The amount should not exceed 300 rubles, and your balance should not be below zero, and after the transfer you will have at least 70 rubles.
  4. This way to replenish the account of another MTS subscriberis that you send the following SMS to the short number 9060: the number of the friend without the figure-eight (only ten digits) and through the gap the amount of the transfer, again, is not more than 300 rubles. The operation report will be delivered to you by a message.

"With full confidence"

In addition, if you have an MTS SIM card for more than threemonths in use, and for the last three months you put on your account at least 300 rubles, you will have the service "At Full Trust". To activate it, you need to call the number * 111 * 32 #. After activation, you will be able to make calls, SMS and mobile Internet in the amount of 300 rubles. The more you spend talking, the greater the amount of the trust limit. A service is connected free of charge.

how to recharge a balance on mts
"Promised payment"

You can use to replenish your accountservice "Promised payment". The funds lent to you are calculated depending on how much you spend money per month on mobile payment for your MTS number and will be withdrawn from your account in a week. That is, the company lends you for seven days, charging a commission of five rubles for this service. Combination for activation: * 111 * 123 # call.

Personal Area

Finally, how to replenish the account of another MTS subscriberusing your personal cabinet through the Internet? Enter the MTS personal area, go to the section "Easy payment" and fill out the form where you specify the friend's phone, and the funds transferred to him will be automatically deducted from your account of the phone that is attached to this office.

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