Most banks try to bet onprivileged customers. And this is understandable, because they often give the main revenue to financial organizations. VTB Bank was not an exception, it developed several unique products for VIP clients. One of them was a multifunctional package "Privilege" (VTB). What is the essence of this service? And what powers does he give to the clients of the bank?

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Brief description of the program

The "Privilege" package VTB-24 is a list of special options that was created especially for people who are accustomed to saving their time and seeking to live their lives to the maximum.

It is believed that this service is based on threecomponents, which include comfortable conditions and high speed of service, as well as favorable offers from the credit institution. Let's consider all these components in more detail.

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Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčAdvantages

According to the representatives of the bank, the package"Privilege" VTB-24 is designed for those users who appreciate every minute. As a rule, these are businessmen, politicians, representatives of the elite and large businessmen, who have every minute written.

So that all these customers could feelVTB has come up with special conditions for cooperation. For example, to conduct any operations with accounts, cards or securities, project participants do not need to personally come to the bank and fill out a standard package of documents. All options are performed remotely. And most importantly, all money transfers are carried out very quickly and work from anywhere in the world.

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Due to what happens the prompt decision of questions of clients?

The "Privilege" service package of VTB-24 is equally fastThis applies to all privileged clients. This is achieved through the introduction and use of a number of services and tools. One of them is a telephone bank. It is he who helps to perform operations anywhere. The main thing is that there is a free telephone line nearby.

The second important point is to createA special service area where VIP-clients are accepted without queue and crush. An important role in the high speed of service is played by internet banking and the ability to renew its credit line with its help. And, of course, VIPs can not do without a concierge service that performs all kinds of organizational services on behalf of the user. For example, with its help you can book tickets, book a hotel room and pay for a dry cleaning job, etc.

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Comfortable work with finances - your peace and comfort zone

All those who ordered VTB's "Privilege" package, can relax and feel comfortable. What does it mean? First, your personal well-being is thought of by a personal manager, who is able to find and make the right decision. In most cases, you will receive professional advice from him and solutions to the problem that has arisen. He is also able to prepare all kinds of contracts and documents necessary to conclude an agreement, for example, on the delivery of goods.

Moreover, the owners of the "Privilege" package canin addition receive a Priority Pass card. And it, in turn, will allow them to visit comfortable business halls at international airports. Only two free visits per month are available for this card. But the cardholder can bring a satellite with him who is not a bank customer.

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Finally, VTB's "Privilege" package providestheir members and their family members with insurance protection during travel. At the same time, insurance indemnity to a client of a financial institution may be needed in the following cases:

  • when there was a traumatic situation and the first medical aid is required;
  • during cancellations or delays;
  • at loss of luggage;
  • during the violation of civil liability.

Insurance protection of the user and his family members90 days from the moment of departure abroad. Such conditions are offered by VTB Bank clients. The "Privilege" package in this case helps to protect not only yourself, but also your loved ones from unforeseen situations during the trip.

What are the advantages of Internet banking?

Thanks to the banking service, users caneasily perform various operations with currency, loans and deposits. They have a unique opportunity to exchange and pay utility bills or mobile operator services. But the main thing that VTB offers them is a package of Privilege services with increased deposit rates, preferential exchange rates of currencies, and the absence of commission fees for various financial transactions.

What is the benefit of the package?

The main benefit of the package isopportunities to increase their capital investments. For example, you can invest in certain investment products on certain conditions. In particular, the bank offers its clients an online broker service, full analytical support, provides access to various platforms of the international currency market, and also opens an individual investment account.

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Moreover, anyone can eitherTo use the services of a personal investment adviser, or to invest independently. In the latter case, a short training course is proposed on the professional training portal called "School of Trading".

In addition, clients of a financial institutionget access to bonus cards with a 5% accumulation (cash back), can withdraw and replenish their accounts without any restrictions. They are also waiting for discounts (up to 40%) when buying goods and services of bank partners. They have the opportunity to open a credit card with an 18% annual rate and buy collectible gold, silver coins in order of priority.

VTB "Privilege" (package): feedback

Since its inception, the package "Privilege"caused a lot of discussions. Someone liked the service, but someone did not have time to appreciate it. So, some users talk about the successful investment that the "School of Trading" helped them to do and a personal assistant. According to them, for 2 years they managed to increase their capital and even acquire new housing.

Others say that with the help of a package of servicesthey managed to repay the loan in time and make money on the capitalization of the deposit. Still others talk about the complete absence of queues and fast service. Fourth, on the contrary, are dissatisfied with the quality of service and the principle of the work of the telebank. According to them, they had to wait a very long time, until all payments fell to their destination. The fifth does not like the delay in connecting some privileged services. They propose to return the money for the package, as the services promised by the bank did not work.

What are the advantages of the service?

As you can see, there are many diverse reviews. But despite this, the VTB program has a number of significant advantages:

  • fast service without queues and unnecessary paper red tape;
  • the ability to perform any financial transactions in a remote mode;
  • registration of loans and deposits on acceptable terms;
  • Use a personal assistant to solve financial problems and accumulate investment assets;
  • premium credit and debit cards (up to 5 pieces);
  • participation in bonus programs and promotions, etc.

Whatever they say, the package "Privilege" fully justifies its name. It allows VIP-clients to feel even more special than they are.

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