If earlier the main issues of privatization werethe need to formalize the ownership of an apartment, today many citizens either acquired land plots, or even long ago disposed of them, only began to think about the legal aspects of the legal registration of their plots, and generally what privatization of land plots is all about. For all the seeming simplicity of this procedure, it can not be easy and depends on many factors. Privatization of land plots should be carried out preferably in the nearest future, as the legislation can change at any time, and you can remain completely without your land.

In addition to the most popular privatization todayland and common use lands of many citizens today is interested in the opportunity to become the owner of land as a result of privatization of the adjacent territory. And here the legislation has recently come to meet wishes and significantly simplified the procedure for this privatization. In early 2011, the relevant draft law was adopted in the State Duma. Now, under the new legislation, any owner of an apartment building can independently become the owner of a part of the adjacent territory. The problem in the previous version of the law was that one owner could not apply for the registration of the property on a part of the adjacent land, but only after passing the approval procedure by the general meeting of the tenants of the house. With the organization of such a decision, there were often great difficulties. Now, this problem is not topical and any owner of a private apartment can independently file an application and none of the neighbors will be able to repair him any obstacles in the process of privatization of the adjacent territory. Another problem was that previously there was no documentary base on the sites of the adjacent territories. They were not entered in the land cadastre, and it was not possible to obtain a documentary title to them. The new version of the law simplifies registration of cadastral registration of land in adjacent areas and establishes clear deadlines for consideration of submitted applications and timely preparation of a land surveying plan.

If the privatization of the house territory todaythe process is clear, then here is the algorithm for privatization of land plots, although it is known, but it does not always pass painlessly. So, let's consider the main stages of privatization of the land.

  1. The privatization of land withsubmitting an application to the local village council or the district administration, depending on the location of the site. The application is made according to the approved form. It identifies the applicant's personal and passport details, specifies his TIN, information on the size of the site, and specifies the purpose of the site and the intentions of its operation (gardening, construction, dacha or residential, etc.).
  2. Forms a package of documents that are necessaryimmediately attach to the application. It consists of previously issued documents for the land plot, documents for the buildings, a cadastral plan and a copy of the identity document of the owner.
  3. Within only two weeks,decide whether to grant land ownership or to refuse. The reason for the impossibility of privatization of land plots should be clearly indicated in the written form.
  4. It is necessary to order a draft of the boundaries of the land plot.
  5. Next, the approval of the draft boundaries and the issuance of a decision to grant the site subject to borders.
  6. Based on the project at the expense of the applicant, a land survey is carried out on the site and a cadastral map of the site is produced.
  7. Only after the provision of the cadastral map of the site to the applicant is formally allocated the site and conclude with him the contract of transferring the site to the property free of charge.

Here such basic stages of privatization of the land plot should be performed today by the potential owner of their land.

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