Buying a property, as well as selling it, is a process that
requires not only attentiveness, a balanced approach and responsible attitude, but also the collection and submission of certain papers to the state registration authorities.

Documents for selling an apartment
What documents are needed to sell an apartment or purchase it? It is worth noting that the need to collect and provide a number of papers is required from both the buyer and the seller of the residential facility.

Package of buyer's documents

As for the party making the purchase,subject to the availability of the necessary amount, to perform the transaction it will only be necessary to produce an identity document. If the purchase is made by a person who is in an official marriage, and the property is registered in the property of one of the spouses, the consent of the husband or wife for the transaction, duly certified by the notary, will be required to register the ownership. More from the buyer no papers are required.

In the event that all actions for buying a homea person trusts a third party (a representative of a real estate agency or any other person), you need a power of attorney, issued and certified in accordance with the procedure established by law.

The purchase of an apartment in a mortgage in this article will not be considered, as well as the sale or purchase of residential real estate by legal entities.

Package of documents of the seller

If a person acts as a seller, it is mandatory from him

the following documents are required for the sale of the apartment:

documents for the purchase of an apartment

- Identification.

- Documents that are evidence of the seller's ownership of the property.

- Technical passport of the room.

- An extract from the house book.

These documents for the purchase of an apartmentare necessary, but not unique. Depending on the specific situation and the object of sale (number of owners, age and health status of the seller, etc.), the number of required papers also changes.

The following securities are required for the sale of an apartment:

- the authorization document of the guardianship authorities;

- a certificate of the refusal of other co-owners, neighbors or city authorities to buy a room in a communal apartment;

- an official document on the dissolution of the marriage or the death of the spouse;

- legal confirmation of the fact of entering into the inheritance.

A number of certificates and certificates have also beenabsence of encumbrances and arrears, payment of taxes, legal capacity or emancipation, etc.). It is necessary to take into account the fact that additional documents for selling an apartment are limited in duration.

The seller and the buyer need to know that there are a number of situations in which sales are impossible. The property can not be sold:

- by proxy (in case of death of the principal);

- under the contract of social hiring;

- in case of illegal re-planning;

- if it specifies underage children and there is no positive decision of the guardianship authorities to conduct the transaction.

Naturally, all the above documentsare an incomplete list. It is only possible to speak unequivocally about what documents for the sale of an apartment you need, a specialist who has extensive knowledge of property rights registration. A competent consultant will not only announce the list of required documents, but will also prioritize their receipt, depending on the validity period, which will avoid refusal to register the transaction because of late reference.

property for sale

The advice of acquaintances (if they are not specialists in this field) or publications in various publications can only be used as reference information, but not as a guide to action.

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