Clean and fresh water at the dacha is simply necessary. And to not need it, you need to dig a well. The easiest way is to entrust this work to specialists, and yet a well at the dacha can also be built by oneself. This is also in addition to saving money, which would have to pay for the work. All of your costs are reduced to the fact that you have to buy special concrete rings and hire a car to transport them to the dacha. What will be the diameter of the rings, depends on two reasons: how big you want to have a well, and how deep the aquifer will be. In the latter case, the greater the depth of occurrence, the wider the well. Pay attention that one ring should go slightly on a cone, on it the shoe with metal rings should be established.

Before you begin to build a well in the countrywith your own hands, take a good look at the wells of your neighbors. Ask their depth, the amount of water, etc. It is difficult to determine the best location for the location of the well. You will get to the aquifer, it's only at what depth it happens that only specialists can determine it. Picking up a place for the well, make sure that it is as far from the places that can pollute the water (for example, a toilet, drain from the roofs). Well, of course, do not build a well very far from home, the distance of 5-6 meters - the maximum.

So, you decided on the place, bought the rings,now you can start building a well in the dacha with your own hands. We put the first conical ring on the ground and dig out all the ground inside it. The ring will gradually fall down. After it falls below ground level, we put on it the second ring. Both rings are joined by steel strips, which we fix with bolts through the holes in the rings. Then continue to choose the earth in the rings. And so on, until all the rings are in the ground. Rings you need so much so that you can get to the aquifer, and this already depends on the characteristics of a particular area. After reaching the aquifer, the bottom should be covered with layers of gravel (three will be enough). The thickness of each layer should be about 10 cm. With each layer of gravel should be larger.

That's all, the well in the dacha with his own hands is almost ready. It remains only to build a house over the well and make sure the doors are made, so that any garbage does not pollute the water.

Do you want to make your summer life even easier? The water supply station for the dacha is exactly what you need. If you decide to install it, then you can forget what it is to get water out of a well by dipping and lifting a bucket. All this work will be done by the station. It will help to pump out as much water out of the well as you need. You can not only water the garden, but also draw water directly into the house, and this, very much even not bad.

Well, now the problems at the cottage with water you have for surewill not be. You can safely plant a garden, flowers, garden. By the way, about the garden. On it you will have to grow a wide variety of vegetables, including tomatoes, peppers. And to collect a good harvest, you will have to build greenhouses for the dacha with your own hands. Make them very simple, and all you need is special plastic tubing for the greenhouse, film fasteners and, of course, the film itself. Standard tubes have a length of 3 meters, and their number, as well as the amount of film, depends on how large a greenhouse you are going to build. Now the main thing: the tube is bent and inserted into the ground. Cover them with a film, clip them, and tighten the outer arcs with a rope tied to pegs driven into the ground. The free ends of the film are covered with sand. That's all, now you can start planting vegetables. With a well and a greenhouse your life in the country will become much easier.

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