What will happen if the loan is not paid at all? There are a lot of variants of the development of events here. In any case, one thing is clear: the problems you yourself will not do much. Now banks do not all give out loans. Why is this happening? That in the future it was not necessary to beat out debts from citizens. Nevertheless, this is not a ban on a loan. The population still picks up loans, and then either does not pay at all, and yet does not worry about paying, or by all means tries to cover the debt, fearing problems. This moment really requires special attention. Maybe there really are secrets?

what will happen if the loan is not paid at all?

Do you always pay

Not just because citizens are interested in what will happen,if the loan does not pay at all. Someone simply loses the ability to make payments over time, someone does not want to repay debts. It does not matter, for what reason there is interest in this topic, the fact remains.

Honestly, the Russians have come up with a waypay a loan. And far from alone. A lot of different tricks and techniques citizens are trying to implement. All to just free myself from the obligations. How can you avoid being paid? What happens if it does not work out?

Map and benefits

The first and most accurate, as well as safe reception -This is the use of special credit cards with so-called soft loans. In this scenario, a certain delay will be given to repay the debt. On average, it is 35-55 days. If the citizen does not close the debt, interest will begin to run up.

In principle, this technique can be called "took creditand I do not cry. "After all, until some time until your debts become huge, you do not have to wait for any consequences, just pay what you must, and then everything will happen.


More recently, Russians have come up with a waypay a loan. True, like any other method, it has its limits. If you have a small debt and the bank has not started to bother you, you can simply apply to its branch with the appropriate application for a deferment.

Russians have come up with a way to not pay a loan

At the same time, some money will have toit is equally monthly to transfer to the bank. And some citizens do not like this. They need to figure out what to do, so that they do not have to pay the bank a loan and interest on it at all. Such techniques are available. But they, firstly, do not give 100% guarantee, and secondly, they are not always legal.

Statute of limitations

Some debtors say: "I do not cry and live quietly." And ignorant citizens are interested in how this result was achieved. The thing is that there is one very interesting trick. Most likely, it will be possible to realize it without any special problems. But I'll have to try.

Debtors on loans often use this waycalled the limitation period. With regard to loans and debts, it lasts 3 years. What does it mean? During this period of time there should not be any contacts between you and the borrowing bank. That is, you must literally evaporate for 36 months from the first delay.

debtors for loans

As soon as 3 years pass, arrears"burns out". And you can live peacefully again. Nothing dangerous will happen. Is that this process will affect your credit history. And hardly anyone will want to contact you again. It's difficult, but it's a very effective measure that debtors like on loans. Ignore the bank and do not mess with it - it's not so simple, but doable. Everything remains only on your conscience.


What will happen if the loan is not paid at all? Practice shows that sooner or later collectors will come to visit you. These are special services that literally knock out debts from debtors. Not always their actions are legal.

In order not to pay, you can apply to specialanti-collector services and organizations. There, for a fee, you will be helped to escape from the persecution, and will also prompt ways to not pay the loan. In addition, such associations will be on your side, they will start fighting with all forces with the collectors. Sometimes you can even sue "knockers" for illegal actions, which are so common.

Honestly, anti-collector firms are not such a bad decision. In some cases, they not only discourage "knockouts" from you, but also help 3 years of hiding from the bank. To credit "burned out."


What will happen if the loan is not paid at all? Here the answer is obvious: sooner or later problems with the law will begin. Which ones? In modern Russia, the court for a loan is relevant. Although this is not the best idea for banks. But it's legal.

loan court

That is, you can simply be sued andto bring to criminal liability. The phenomenon is not too frequent. In practice, litigation leads to the fact that you are forced to pay off the debt. And they let go.

Here again to the aid comes the term of actionprescription. The court on the loan took place? Great! Decision was rendered? Now you can hide for several years (as you do, your case), wait until the statute of limitations expires. And then again you can appear. It turns out that the loan you will not be paid.


"I do not pay a loan to a bank - what does it threaten me for?""Such a question arises among many debtors, especially those who simply lost the opportunity to make payments, that is, not out of cunning, does not fulfill its obligations, but because of life circumstances. The court is, of course, a legal measure. not too much respect for it, instead, as it was already said, collector's services are selected, these organizations by all means kick debts out of debtors.

And if you do not pay on the loan, get ready. What will be undertaken by the collectors is unknown. Someone just starts to call on the phone all the time and remind you about the payments. This happens rarely. Most often, collection companies simply violate all boundaries and act illegally: they threaten, pour glue into door locks, spoil property, use physical force and so on. In general, all the forces try to intimidate and really beat the debt at any cost. You need to be ready for this, if you can not escape responsibility.

Within the country

Well, do not always be afraid of debt. In some cases (albeit very rare), banks simply act according to the law - they go to court, you are assigned a certain period for repaying the debt, everyone is waiting for execution. Nevertheless for this period you will be imposed some restrictions.

ways to not pay a loan

For example, citizens are interested in: "I do not pay a loan a year - what will happen?" If you have contacted a more or less humane bank, which operates only within the framework of the law, then you do not need to be afraid of collectors. Instead, you will simply be forbidden to leave the country. That is, going abroad will be impossible. Until you are done with debt. Or for 3 years, until the statute of limitations expires.


At the moment in Russia, anothera measure that applies to many debtors. For example, alimony or borrowers. As a penalty for delay and non-payment of funds on time, you can legitimately remove the driver's license. And, as a result, to deprive of the possibility of driving. Until you correct the situation.

Recently, this punishment has become verycommon. After catching a debtor on the road, when he drives a car, it is not so difficult. Perhaps, if the amount of debt is small, and also you have the opportunity to pay it, it is better to do it. And calmly drive the car further.

Not on yourself

There are different ways of not paying a loan. The next approach to the solution of the problem suits, rather, people who are ready to substitute their loved ones. In order to remove all responsibility for lending, you can simply formalize it not for yourself. And on some close relative or friend who will be ready to help you in a difficult moment.

I do not pay a loan to a bank

Yes, this approach is mean. But if someone takes a loan for you, then they will demand money from this person. All problems, courts, hardships and restrictions will bypass you. Most often, this kind of technique is used for older people who are so trusting. First you need to convince the victim that you for one reason or another have been denied a loan from the bank, then you need to prove to the other person that you will regularly pay the citizen for the due payments. This deception will ultimately remain on your conscience. Nevertheless, you will take all responsibility away from yourself.

Also a popular method, also not entirely honest andHumane, is a loan taken in a marriage. If the spouse disappears from the banks, the other half will have to repay. And debt, and the credit itself. This scheme is used more and more often. But the immediate debtor, she no longer touches. Until he again manifests himself.


In Russia, the newest, but already very popularreception is a way of evasion from payment by means of ... bankruptcy. Individuals have every right, in accordance with the new laws, to declare themselves bankrupt. No one will charge debts from them. So, you can use this method to free yourself from the obligations.

In principle, the recognition of bankruptcy as a physicala person is an analogue of the recognition of his insolvency. Practice shows that this feature is used by many. Moreover, with success. You can, for example, recognize yourself bankrupt. If you do not forgive the debt, just hide in some way from the banks for 3 years. And wait until the statute of limitations for the loan expires. This idea only seems incomprehensible to life. If you try, you can really succeed.

I will not give, and do not ask

What will happen if the loan is not paid at all? In addition to the consequences already mentioned, do not forget that the debt will affect your credit history. So, until you pay off your past debt, no one will give you a new loan.

I do not cry and live quietly

The reason is that in illegal companies like"Microloans", "Excellent cash" and so on. In no case do not apply to such organizations for loans. And other cash payments, too. After all, the actions of such companies will not be predicted. Most likely, in the absence of timely payments will have to immediately collide with the collectors.

But in normal banks, loans and loans toobecome inaccessible. But all your attempts to take them will be recorded. And, of course, this will inform the current borrower of the funds. As a result, you will try to track down and bring to justice.

Yet the most logical way out of the situation will bepayment of a debt. If there is no such possibility, try to somehow agree with the bank. Nothing worked? Then be patient for 3 years, try to avoid the bank in which you took the loan. This will definitely help you. If you really have good reasons for non-payment, immediately recognize yourself as insolvent, bankrupt. This will somehow postpone the negative consequences.

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