Wood is a unique material from whichyou can make a lot of crafts and ornaments. For many years the tree has never ceased to delight with its variety of colors and textures. In addition to tactile sensations, this material retains its divine flavor in the products. Apparently, from these considerations, the tree is highly valued among creative people. At the dacha, wood probably has the widest distribution and application.

So, to make wooden articles for a summer residencewith their own hands will not be difficult. For example, it is easy to make an outdoor pot for flowers. To do this, you need a stump of the right size and height, drill, drill, chisel, hammer, sandpaper and varnish. First, mark on the stump the places of future holes. After that, drill these holes, and merge them together with a drill. Just need to do not only around the circle, but also in the center of the workpiece. Further, with the help of a chisel and a hammer, it is necessary to take out the core of the stump. When this is done, we take the sandpaper and polish the edges and the inside of our stump. In the end, naturally, we cover several times the entire wooden pot with varnish. It's all over, it's time to plant flowers.

Crafts for the dacha are not limited to themselvesonly with wooden pots. From a suitable branch consisting of a cuttings and three branches, it is quite possible to build a stand for flowers. To do this, you just need to cut the cuttings from the plywood of the desired diameter to the cuttings, clean the entire stand with sandpaper and cover with two layers of varnish.

Those masters who are more experienced inhandling and working with wood, can easily make such crafts for giving their own hands from wood, like figures of different fairy-tale or cartoon characters. The children who come with their family to the dacha will be delighted with such crafts.

It is impossible not to mention the beauty and practicalitya wooden pergola. Professionals who can afford to undertake such work will immortalize their work and skill for many years. One can only imagine how a whole family gathers at a quiet summer evening at a table in a wooden carved arbor. This place will serve not only for family holidays, but also an occasion to gather a big and noisy company of friends.

If the wooden arbor is under the master's power, thena shower for a dacha with your own hands can not be a problem at all. This construction will take much less time and effort. Each summer resident knows in his own experience how refreshing and tones the summer shower, how cool water gives strength to a tired body. Without a shower in the suburban area can not do, even if there is a pond nearby. Therefore, immediately proceed to construction.

So, you should start by installing the carriersWooden poles not more than one meter apart. To the posts we also nail the wooden bars in a horizontal position. Further, the walls on both sides must be decorated with a wooden paneling. Painting with varnish or paint is not worth it, because the tree should "breathe". Do not forget, of course, to make a small window in the shower, and also hang the door on the hinges. As for the wooden floor, it should be placed on horizontal bars at a distance of about 10-15 cm from the ground. When the water tank is installed and fixed, the shower can be used. As you can see, the construction of the summer shower proved to be a very simple and interesting activity.

Toilet in the country house to build their owneasy as a shower room. First, you need to dig a deep hole, then from the wooden beams we build the same wooden "box", as for the shower. We work it out and remove all the flaws. Secondly, from wooden materials and plywood we make a toilet seat, after which we install it. Walls are lined at will with any material you like. We pay special attention to the roof, it can be made from slate or galvanized iron. Everything, the toilet is ready!

I can not believe that you mastered such articles for your own dacha? In vain! After all, now you are ready for new victories in dacha creativity.

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