Round cutlets from chop or minced meat

Meat dishes always occupy an important place on thetable. For example, round cutlets from chop or minced meat, also called bitlets, will be an excellent option for lunch or dinner for the whole family. They are combined with any side dish, tasty and nutritious, and in preparation are not too complicated. The round cutlet can be made from chicken, pork, beef, even from rabbit, it all depends on the taste and desires of the hostess. Here are a few noteworthy options.

Belarusian cues

Make such round cutlets from chopped meatnot very difficult. Take six hundred and fifty grams of beef fillet, one hundred grams of onions, one egg, forty grams of melted butter, six hundred and fifty grams of boiled potatoes, two hundred grams of pickled mushrooms, salt. Use a large grill to scroll the meat in the meat grinder. Add finely chopped onion, chopped boiled egg and salt. Vyle from the received mass round cutlets, fry them in a heated frying pan with butter. Serve the table tastiest with boiled potatoes and pickled mushrooms. Round cutlets from chop or chopped meat are obtained with a rich taste of beef and will definitely appeal to fans of meat dishes. For those who prefer lighter meals, a recipe with an omelette is suitable.

Round cutlets from chopped meat

Cribs in an omelette

As already noted, round cutlets fromchop or chopped meat can be made from both beef and pork or chicken. This recipe requires five hundred grams of pork, four cloves of garlic, two tablespoons of fat, four eggs, two tablespoons of flour, a third of a glass of milk, a tablespoon of butter, pepper, and salt. Large twist the meat in a meat grinder, add spices and crushed garlic crockery garlic, mix and shape the cue ball. Roll in flour and fry. Form the baking grease, put cooked cutlets there and pour a mixture of milk and whipped eggs. Bake in the oven. Fragrant meat cutlets in a lush egg omelette are unlikely to leave someone indifferent from the house. The convenience of this dish is that it does not require an additional side dish, unless you need to cut a little bread.

Round cutlet

Rabbit beads

This recipe suggests making roundCutlets from chopped or chopped rabbit meat. You need a kilogram of rabbit, a dozen eggs, fifty milliliters of milk, fifty grams of flour, fifty grams of margarine or butter, salt, pepper. Meat can be grinded with a knife or with the help of a meat grinder, after which it must be seasoned, add five eggs and beat thoroughly. Vlepite from the received forcemeat little bits and clean in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Knead the dough from melted butter, flour, remaining eggs and milk. Each bit is dipped in the dough, then fry over low heat until the appetizing crust appears. This way of cooking rabbit is very original, which means it will probably be delayed in your piggy bank of recipes.

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