Where can I rest in Yekaterinburg fromEveryday life? Someone likes night clubs, where always sounds incendiary music. Someone likes karaoke, where at the same time he tries to test his vocal cords. And there are those who prefer pubs in Yekaterinburg.

Beer is incredibly popular and lovedmany drink. It can be savored in plenty in various pubs of the city. Here you can and inexpensively eat, and try a variety of types of foam drink, and even dance to unobtrusive music. This is an excellent option to relax a large company or in the family circle. Not all pubs of Yekaterinburg are popular. In the article we will tell you about the establishments, where there are always a lot of visitors. Here, no one is ever indifferent to servicing, to food, to drinks, or even to the atmosphere.

pubs of Yekaterinburg

Drifting pub "Silver"

"Silver" - a unique pub in the form of a ship. On the upper deck you can always try a hookah in a cozy and secluded cabin. The guests can enjoy excellent dishes according to the chef's recipes, pleasant music and a relaxed atmosphere. However, on Friday and Saturday night, all customers of the Silver pub go on open sailing. On board the ship incendiary parties are held with fun show programs. Dance, gifts, live music and dizzying contests draw everyone.

britain pub екатеринбург

"Rosie Jane" - the atmosphere of unsurpassed England

There are pubs in Yekaterinburg, which are created ina certain style. So, "Rosie Jane" - an institution that reminds us of Britain. It is famous for delicious drinks, round the clock fun, Victorian atmosphere and hearty food. It started with whiskey. It is this Scotch drink that is associated with the English style. Today in the menu you can see many varieties of beer:

  • eli;
  • Irish stouts;
  • camps.

Fans of such light alcohol oftenpeep into this pub, and then bring with them friends and acquaintances. And in "Rosie Jane" no one is denied coziness. The pub is located in the heart of the city. For office employees here are provided very profitable business lunches. And the rest of the time always sounds nice music and even Irish folk dances are performed.

royal pub екатеринбург

Comfortable kitchen from "Tour"

"Tour" - a pub (Ekaterinburg), where they preparevery simple, but delicious food. The main feature of the place is the availability of an open kitchen. Visitors see how specially prepared for them the ordered dish. Pizza, meat, vegetables, fish - everyone will find what to profit from here. And the drinks here are excellent - a huge selection of beers, a good wine list. And all this can be tried for quite moderate cost.

The interior of the pub is a kind of continuationopen kitchen - nothing superfluous and grandiose. On the contrary, everything is extremely intelligent and cozy. Therefore, you can not only come to the company, but also bring to dinner or business lunch of your business partner.

touring pub Yekaterinburg

"Britain", pub (Ekaterinburg): made in Great Britain

Classic English pub - so you candescribe a place called "Britain" (pub). It is located in the center of Ekaterinburg in a beautiful mansion built in the 19th century. Anyone who has ever been here, certainly comes here again and again. The interior of the establishment "Britannia" (pub, Yekaterinburg) is a small piece of England. Everything here is very cozy and beautiful. Ideal not only furnishing, but also the kitchen. Delicious food, a great menu and an original serve distinguish "Britain" from similar thematic institutions.

pubs of Yekaterinburg

Royal Pub - everything is royal

"Royal Pub" (Yekaterinburg) - these are 5 large halls,permanent concerts of popular performers and even own brewery. He appeared in the capital of the Urals in 2009. At first it was a small sports establishment. Today this is a huge pub-restaurant, where every visitor will find something for themselves. The "Royal Pub" always boasts a soulful atmosphere. And the royal entourage present here does not mean that the apartment has sky-high price tags. On the contrary, an acceptable cost is the visiting card of this place.

The pride of the pub - specialties. Fish and meat from the cast-iron brazier on charcoal should be tried by everyone who came here. In the menu you can find many dishes of European cuisine. There is a whole section of the author's pizza. There is absolutely everything: from cold, hot snacks to foam beer and ending with unusual sweet desserts. And thanks to the large menu of alcoholic beverages, the Royal Pub became one of the best places in Yekaterinburg.

britain pub екатеринбург

The Social Pub "Koba"

An interesting and unusual pub of "Koba" is a reala corner of the socialist past in Yekaterinburg. There is a pleasant atmosphere, quality food and many varieties of a variety of beers. Every weekend here they hold theme shows and parties. Often in the pub are well-known bands and ensembles. All pubs in Yekaterinburg are interesting in their own way. You just need to choose a suitable option and have fun!

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