Required attribute of the Easter celebrationare holiday cakes. Each self-respecting hostess beforehand, before the Feast of the Resurrection of Christ, begins preparation, turning the preparation of Easter cakes into a whole mystery. The recipe for a delicious Easter cake has its own subtleties. The secrets of cooking are passed on from generation to generation. Because only homemade cakes can really please a bright holiday. In order for the hostess to bake the most delicious Easter cake for her relatives and friends, a large number of eggs, a lot of sugar and butter is required.

Early-morning Easter cake

recipe for a delicious Easter cake
Easter recipesa bunch of. One of them is Easter cake. For its preparation, three glasses of flour should be mixed with 200 grams of butter and one glass of sugar, one glass of hot milk. After that, all to knead. In the resulting dough, pour another half a cup of milk, which previously dissolve the yeast (one tsp). Put everything in a warm place so that the mixture will rise. After this, you need to beat 3 proteins, combine the egg yolks with sugar and grind. The resulting composition to drive into the dough. Then add raisins without pits. Put the resulting dough in a well-oiled or maragarine form, then put it in the oven.

Custard cake

This recipe for a delicious Easter cake is interesting by the way the dough is made.

dough for cakes
It will take 600 grams of flour, brew 750ml of boiling milk. All this should be thoroughly stirred and a little chilled. Dissolve in milk yeast (fifty-seventy grams) add to the dough for cakes. Put him in a warm place to get it up. After that, pour pre-ground yolks with sugar and whipped proteins. All thoroughly mix and again set aside to rise. After the mixture rises, it is necessary to pour in warm melted butter (700 grams). After that, everything is well kneaded, spread out on pre-greased and dusted flour forms. Fill them half, and when the mixture rises to the brim, grease the surface with a yolk and bake until cooked at 180 degrees.

Chocolate cake

the most delicious Easter cake
Usually the hostesses are cooked according to standard recipes, andthis recipe for a delicious Easter cake is different from them. For its preparation you need to dissolve 50 grams of yeast in warm water, to them add a half cup of flour. After the opara rises, it should be carefully kneaded. Next, connect the 8 yolks with sugar and grind, add to the dough. In addition, there also rub almonds (two or three glasses), 100 grams of chocolate. Pour half a cup of red wine, 300 ml of rum. Add half a glass of candied fruits (lemon or orange) and spices (cinnamon, cloves, 1 teaspoonful). Then put the well-beaten whites in the dough. The resulting mixture is poured into a mold that is pre-covered with oiled paper. And put it in a very hot oven. Bake should be at a temperature of 150 degrees 60-90 minutes.

Thus, each hostess can choose the recipe of a delicious Easter cake from a huge variety and please the cooked dish of all the relatives for a holiday!

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