If someone is interested in the question of howpickle onions, then this article will be very useful. Here a beginner culinary will be offered several recipes that will make the dinner vitamin or even decorate the holiday table with a traditional bow - cheap, but angry!

Since you can cook a pickled oniononly with the use of acid, then the formulation should include either various vinegar, or sour juices, or acetic essence. Although in the last recipe presented here, instead of acid, mustard is used.

Recipe 1. How to pickle onions in apple juice for the winter

Onion (kilogram) should be peeled off the husks andwash. If small onions are used, they can be immediately placed in sterile cans. Large heads must be cut into rings. In each jar you can put on a pea of ​​black and a pea of ​​sweet pepper, as well as one clove. At this time on a slow fire you need to put a pot of freshly squeezed apple juice (600 grams), add salt and sugar (50 grams) and heat to a boil. With this boiling marinade, it is necessary to pour the onions in cans, then sterilize them for 10 minutes and roll them up with metal covers.

Recipe 2. How to pickle onions in apple juice for snacks

This recipe also provides for picklingonion, cut into rings. Marinade is prepared in the same way as in the previous recipe, only in it are added sunflower oil and beet juice - an arbitrary amount. Then the snack is closed with a lid and placed in the fridge, but not in the freezer, so that the onions do not turn into "porridge" from frostbite. You can add the beet juice with beet juice just before dinner, sprinkling on top with chopped fresh herbs. Some gourmets achieve a special original taste of snacks, adding to the marinated onions also dry wine.

Recipe 3. How to marinate onion with vinegar essence for the winter

For cooking onions for the winter is also usedmarinade. It is made from the calculation: a tablespoon of salt and the same amount of sugar per 200 grams of water with the addition of vinegar 70% of the essence in the amount of a tablespoon. It is necessary to pour the onions with boiling marinade, having previously put in the jar all the necessary seasonings: pepper, bay leaf, dry greens. Before the sunset, you can add a tablespoon of dry mustard to the jar.

Recipe 4. How to marinate onions for snacks with vinegar essence?

For this snack, onions are cut into thinsemirings. You can use both ordinary white onions and sweet red - salad. If the preparation takes a bitter onion, then you can first pour it with boiling water, in order to remove excess bitterness. This is where the dill crumbles. Marinade is prepared separately from a glass of water, two teaspoons of 70% of essence and salt with sugar - on a tablespoon without a slide. Then this marinade should be poured onions, close with a dense lid and cleaned for half an hour in a cold place. Marinade must be drained immediately before use.

Recipe 5. How to properly marinate onions in lemon juice

This method differs from the above-described topics in that instead of apple juice, either dry citric acid or juice squeezed from one lemon is used.

Recipe 6. Onions, pickled in mustard

This recipe is radically different from everyone,used in this article, since this method of marinating does not require any liquid at all. To prepare the original snack is used sweet onions, which are cut into rings. Next, take the ready-made sharp mustard (30 grams for 2-3 medium bulbs) and mix it with onion.

After adding black powder to the mixture, eitherred pepper, salt, sugar and marjoram, as well as a teaspoonful of refined sunflower oil and two tablespoons of mayonnaise, you should put a snack in the fridge, and after two hours it will be ready for use. This appetizer is characterized by an exclusive taste, an unusual way of cooking and a fairly simple recipe.

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