November 15 - the day of milkshakes! "Cocktail" is an enticing and enchanting word! A rare horse does not like this sweet treat. And what kinds of these cooling drinks can not be found! But we will talk specifically about milkshakes. They are loved by both children and adults. Few people know that milkshakes drink for weight loss. And they are only good for pregnant women! Interesting? Then more in detail. As a child, I did not like milk, until my mother once cooked me a milkshake. Since then, milk is my friend!

Recipes for milk shakes are simple andat the same time diverse and amazing. So they are on anyone's back! You just need to remember the little tricks, and it's the hat! Namely: never add pineapple, kiwi, or orange to your recipes for preparing milkshakes, since these wonderful fruits in combination with milk, thanks to their acidity, can cause a real war in our tummies! And do not add cocoa. This product is surprisingly poorly soluble in cold milk, will float lumps and create a far unaesthetic appearance. Yes, and chew the bitter cacao balls, you see, will bring little pleasure. Have you learned? Then you are a little fellow!

To your attention I want to propose a recipemilkshake in a blender. It is in the blender that it is easiest and most pleasant to prepare this "paradise delicacy". So, the recipe for a milkshake in the blender "Raspberry paradise": Rinse a glass of raspberries in a saucepan, sprinkle with sugar, the resulting mass is brought to a boil. Wipe the berries through a sieve and cool. Pour 300 ml. milk and 200 g. of ice cream. Beat the blender for a couple of minutes.

Another recipe for a milkshake in a blender"Banana milksheyk" - a favorite delicacy of many children! After all, our "little monkeys" especially like to be pampered with a banana. We take one banana and break it into pieces. Add 100 g of ice cream and 150 ml. milk. Beat in a blender! Chocolate is the favorite sweetness of many. If you add it to our recipe, a milkshake in the blender "Banana Milksheyk", it will be very tasty! But you should know that you should not melt the chocolate, and then add it to the milk. Since chocolate will simply turn into solid pieces after cooling. It is better to rub it on a small grater, then the pieces will not get stuck in the tube and spoil the look. We all love to eat delicious, and make food more useful - it's quite cool!

I want to offer you a delicious littlecarrots. I assure you that he will like both the grown-up and the baby! But what a useful carrot! Recipe for a milkshake in the blender "Alice in Wonderland" - put 300 g of carrots in a blender, previously rubbed on a small grater, 250g. usual children's fruit puree (to your taste), 200 ml. milk and 50g. of granulated sugar. Good whisk. Our prescription milk shake in the blender "Alice in Wonderland" is ready for use!

For fans of vanilla! An exquisite recipe for a milkshake in a blender "Vanilla Tale" for gourmets.3 yolks rub with sugar. Add 400 ml. warm milk. The resulting mixture is heated in a water bath until the mass thickens. We take a vanilla stick, cut it, remove the seeds. In the thickened mass, add vanilla. Mix with thick sour cream (500g) with a blender. Now let's talk about the benefits of milkshakes for pregnant women.

If every morning the future mothers will takeMilksheyk, then they themselves and their baby will be happy. In addition, a milkshake contributes to the flow of a good pregnancy. So, write it down! The recipe for a milkshake in the blender "Mother's Joy" - in a glass of hot milk, we dissolve 1 teaspoon of butter and 1 teaspoon of honey. When the mixture is slightly cool, add 1 egg and mix well in a blender. Bon Appetit!

Well and at last it would be desirable to tell, than thanare the milksheyki good for losing weight? It would seem that this is a high-calorie drink. But no! They should be used as a separate nutritious food, saturated with vitamins and microelements, and not as a snack. Use in such cocktails skim milk and low-fat yogurt. And, of course, do not use sugar! Enough fruit! Lose weight and eat with pleasure! All pleasant appetite and good mood !!!

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