For obtaining vodka of exceptional quality,It is necessary to use high quality ingredients in the right proportion. Random proportions will also give random results. Therefore, it is necessary to exert maximum efforts to ensure the receipt of a high quality product.

As Professor Preobrazhensky said in the film"A dog's heart" - vodka should be necessarily 40º-degree, otherwise it is not vodka. Take these words as a guide, we reserve the device with an alcohol meter and everything necessary to "create" raw materials, and, in fact, we turn to the question of how to properly dilute alcohol.

The main component, of course, alcohol and fromthe quality of the quality, the whole success of this undertaking depends. From potatoes and grains, high purification alcohol is obtained. Alcohol, produced from a specially selected grain for these purposes, is of the type Lux and Extra. Distinguish in the degree of purification following types of alcohol:

• 96% - first grade
• 96.2% - the highest purification
• 69.3% - suite
• Medical
• Waterless.

The next important component is water, alsodirectly influencing how to properly dilute alcohol, so that this has a positive effect on the quality of the final product. That is why it is considered suitable water with a minimum content of salts, which has no extraneous smell and taste, is completely colorless and transparent. In addition, it is subjected to additional processing, that is - cleaning, filtration and softening. Thus, after all the manipulations, the so-called corrected water is obtained.

Additional ingredients that significantly improve the taste of vodka present in this or that recipe include:

• Lemon acid
• Acetic acid
• Ascorbic acid
• Milk
• Sugar
• Honey
• Glucose

The best recipe for alcohol and its consistency

The optimal proportion is the ratio of 2parts of alcohol with 3 parts water. How to properly dilute alcohol? It should be noted that it is necessary to mix the exact weight ratios of the two components, and not their volumes. Water is added to the alcohol, and not vice versa. Simultaneous infusion of both liquids into the tank is permissible, but in this case the infusion of alcohol should outstrip the addition of water in time. So:

1. 1250 ml of alcohol is poured into the previously prepared container (96%);
2. Add 40 ml of glucose (40%);
3. Vinegar essence in the amount of 1 teaspoon (5 g.);
4. Corrected or distilled water with an infusion should bring the volume of the solution to make 3 liters;
5. The resulting solution should be settled for several days, and even better 1-2 weeks;
6. Pre-cooling is recommended before use.

Once in a life, a question, how correctly to dissolvealcohol, many people are asked. And only strict and strict keeping of the sequence of input of those or other components in combination with their optimal choice without loss of quality can guarantee the production of excellent vodka.

Vodka is a drink that does not lose its relevance,it was used in ancient times, and today, along with a huge assortment of hot drinks, both domestic and foreign, there are many adherents of the ancient Russian drink, time-tested. How to drink alcohol properly, so as not to suffer the next day, completely eliminating the hangover syndrome? In addition to the well-known statement about the allegedly existing norm for each person, which in terms of body weight is 70 kg, it is allowed to drink up to 170 grams of ethanol per day, it should be taken into account that in this case it will be better not to drink more than to drink ... Use vodka from piles small size or elegant glasses, eat with fatty and salty snacks, neutralizing a specific tail of smell, "sniffing" it with pickled cucumber or bread.

And yet know how to properly dilute alcohol,it is important, but more important, to remember the sense of proportion, not allowing excessive use of this hot drink, which, they say, does not happen much. Remember that if very well today, it could be a signal that tomorrow will be exactly the opposite. It's time to stop. The measure in any business - above all, and even more so in this.

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