Cooking, like the East, is very, verythin. This is especially true of meat dishes, and even served with sauce. Sauce, well cooked, can save the position of the hapless mistress, if her meat is burned or dried. In turn, incorrectly selected or "not so" cooked, the sauce can ruin any meat delicacy on the root.

Family "sauce"

sauce for meat
Meat sauce is a pleasant addition to many favorite dishes. Sauces, like gravies, there is a hugediversity. Some of them are universal, others are suitable only for a particular dish, a certain type or grade of meat. And, say, a stewed rabbit served with white wine sauce will be very different from the one cooked, if you cook it with meat sauce with red wine. Therefore, be careful when choosing a recipe.

Meat sauce can be divided into severalcategories. It is sweet and sour, tomato, wine, sour cream, onion, garlic-spicy, and also the juice, which the meat secretes during frying. The basis is usually served by broths, supplemented with various ingredients.

how to cook sauce for meat
The simplest sauce for meat is meat juice. It is prepared as follows: after the portions are fried, they are transferred from cast iron or a frying pan to a dish, and the remaining fat, the juice is diluted with broth or water and allowed to boil. When the meat sauce is ready, it must be filtered, poured into a dish and served to the table.

Meat and berries

Though it seems that berries and meat are productsmutually exclusive, in fact, this is far from the case. Fruity and berry sauces accentuate the taste of meat, add spice and leave a pleasant aftertaste in your mouth. And the appearance of dishes becomes much more attractive, especially if you know some of the secrets of a successful serving. An example of this is the pomegranate sauce for meat, which is not so difficult to cook.

pomegranate sauce for meat
Its main component is a glass of juice,canned or freshly squeezed. You will also need a spoonful of sugar (a dining room), two tablespoons of pomegranate seeds, as well as a teaspoon of lemon juice and starch. Prepare the sauce necessarily in a saucepan with a thick bottom, otherwise it will burn. First half a glass of juice is poured in, sugar is poured, mixed and brought to a boil. Then the fire is "screwed" to nothing, the juice is cooked with sugar until the volume is almost halved. Naturally, the "workpiece" is hindered so that sugar does not stick.

In the juice left in the glass, starch precipitates,is stirred, and then the mixture is poured into the pan. It is done slowly, by a thin stream, constantly stirring, so that the starch does not get lost in lumps. After the sauce boils again, it is removed from the heat and added berries, pour in lemon juice. The amount of lemon additive can be adjusted to taste: someone loves a little sour, and someone - sweeter. By the way, in the same way you can prepare another original sauce - cherry. It will taste not only for gourmets, but also for lovers to eat well. Only cherries should be taken pitted, fresh or canned in their own juice.

Helpful Tips

Each housewife has her own special recipes for how to make sauce for meat. However, there are several universal rules that it is desirable to comply with all:

  • Before cooking the sauce, it is advisable to find out whether it will be the meat for which it is intended to harmonize with each other.
  • If the sauce is spicy, it is important not to overdo it with spicy or salt, as well as various seasonings. They should complement the flavor and taste of the dish, and not hammer each other.
  • The sauce should not burn! Otherwise, both the color and taste of the dish will not please you.
  • It is desirable to make sauce a lot! It can be very tasty not only with meat, but also with potatoes, porridges, pasta instead of gravies.
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