Among the great variety of exotic fruits,presented to man by a generous tropical nature, a special place is occupied by pomelo. This citrus fruit is a close relative of grapefruit, from which it is unusually large in size. At home - in Southeast Asia - it weighs several kilograms, but on the market, as a rule, fruit weighs about 1 kg.

Like other citrus, pomelo has a number ofvaluable properties and saturates the body with vitamins, minerals, limonoids and other useful substances. It favors strengthening of immune defense and improvement of digestion, tones up, gives vitality and even raises mood. However, the excessive use of this fruit is fraught with allergic reactions, stomach upset and other negative consequences.

How to eat pomelo to this particular fruitwent to benefit? The main thing is to observe the measure. Tropical fruits, and, in particular, citrus fruits, generally should not be carried away, because in large quantities they adversely affect the stomach, increasing acidity and provoking heartburn. So for those who suffer from such problems, you need to use pomel very carefully. And healthy people should not eat more than half of the fruit per day, especially if there are lemons, oranges and other representatives of this family in the diet.

Pomelo, taste and aroma of which will appreciate even the mostdiscerning gourmets, you can serve fish and meat, add to salads, sauces, desserts, spicy and sweet dishes. Those who decided to follow their own weight, it is useful to replace half of this fruit with one of the meals. Information on how to eat pomelo to forget about extra pounds, lies at the heart of many vitamin diets, allowing stroynet with benefit to the body. This fruit is good for breakfast or for a snack when food should be light, nutritious and toning.

Before there is a pomelo, it, naturally,you need to clean it. And you can use not only the flesh, but also the skin, from which the unusual jam is obtained. When this large and unusual fruit is first held in your hands, the question arises: "how correctly to clean the pomelo?". In fact, this is a simple procedure that does not require special skills. You just need to lightly cut the peel in several places and remove it the same way as with the orange. Then the peeled fruit is cut in half, and from the thick films, which are broken with a knife, the flesh is removed. It is very dense and elastic, so you can not be afraid to crush the lobules. In passing, it is necessary to shake free-lying bones, which may be five pieces in each lobule. Some people prefer to cut the pomel in half first, and then start cleaning. This method is inconvenient because the juicy pulp is damaged and, first, part of the delicious juice is consumed, and, secondly, the hands, the table and the dishes become sticky.

Speaking of how there is a pomelo, it remains to mentionabout the choice of this fruit. Considering it on the counter, you should pay attention to the skin. It should be slightly soft, shiny and smooth, without dents and other defects. Another indication of maturity and rich taste is the fragrance. A more fragrant fruit will always be tastier and more useful. Freshly purchased pomelo is stored for a long time - up to a month, and it is not necessary to keep it in the refrigerator. But the purified fruit should be used for several days, otherwise it will lose its valuable properties.

If pomelo is correctly included in the diet, thiscitrus will be an excellent defender of health, especially in winter and in the off-season, when the body is weakened, badly needs vitamins and is at risk of all kinds of colds.

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