In the world of cooking you can meet manystrange and unusual dishes that cause danger. At the same time, most of them simply have an unattractive or extravagant appearance, but in fact they are quite edible and even useful. However, there are also some that can be safely classified as "The most dangerous food in the world". Their use can cause harm to health and even cause death. It should be noted that at one time the sale of such food was banned, but for certain reasons mentioned

the most dangerous food
products continue to be traded, and somesuch dishes have even become a national treasure. That is why it is necessary to know the "enemy in person" so that, being on vacation in another country, be able to distinguish between what the chefs of restaurants offer to us. So, what is this most dangerous food, and is it worth it to risk and feast on exoticism?

Asian food

First of all, one must understand that health is givento us once and for the whole life, and to spoil it, due to our own stupidity, is inexpedient. In many Asian countries in the course of a large number of seafood. They are very popular, but do not forget that some mussels of Chinese origin can contain a large number of parasites and even cause hepatitis. So, in 1988, more than 300,000 Chinese infected them. Also, do not eat meals that contain fresh blood. For example, soup with duck blood, which is very popular in Vietnam. By the way, many think that the most dangerous food is not sold in tourist areas, but, unfortunately, this opinion is mistaken.

the most dangerous food in the world
The most dangerous food: Japanese food

In this kitchen there is a very dangerous dish,which can lead to death. It is prepared from fish fugu, which contains a large number of fatal to humans toxins. This dish belongs to the category "The most dangerous food" because, if improperly prepared, a dangerous poison can easily get into your plate. In this case, it causes paralysis of the body, which is accompanied by a slow suffocation, leading to death. That's why even local gourmets prefer to order it only in trusted institutions. However, it is impossible to poison them accidentally, because restaurants usually warn about the properties of the dish in question.

The most dangerous food in the world: Europe

It is worth noting that, given the rather large number of unsafe dishes in Asian cuisine, the most harmful and dangerous was the representative of the European menu.

the most dangerous food casu marzu
This product is considered to be a nationalwealth and freely sold as a delicacy. However, in the category "The most dangerous food" Casu Marzu takes the leading place. The fact is that this dish is sheep cheese, which is suppressed in the process of fermentation until the moment of decay. At the same time, he is exposed on the street to infect larva with cheese flies. In finished form, it looks like a rotting, oily liquid with live larvae. It is worth noting that these parasites in most cases are not digested in the human stomach, which subsequently leads to miasma. Also, the process of their vital activity is very detrimental to the human body, which can lead to bloody diarrhea, nausea and even death. By the way, the larvae of this fly have the ability to jump 10-15 centimeters, so there is such a cheese is recommended in protective glasses.

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